stone by window

stone by window hail from the London suburbs and beyond.

Originally formed in 2011, with an indie-fied guitar led sensibility mixed with classic 60’s psychedelia and 70’s glam.

A fluid line up led us to concentrate on song-writing and recording.

Now a fully formed 5 piece, with 2 EP’s released and many more gems waiting … to be set free.


A Bristol based psych-jazz band led by saxophonist, Dino Christodoulou, and Neil Smith on guitar. Mixing middle east grooves, kraut rock, free jazz and improv. With Roberto Nappi on drums and Pasquale Votino on electric bass.

Live reviews-

Idle Crooks & Englishmen

Idle Crooks & Englishmen formed in 2015 and set out to write a set of huge anthem worthy rock tunes. Drawing on a rich song writing talent present between all members, the band continue to focus their style in to well crafted, riff filled, venue filling music with huge towering bursts which take the listener on a dynamic audio journey. Recent highlights include the release of their debut EP and supported UK tour, the band have pushed their dirty rock music into the alternative scene and smashed out some incredible and unique songs.

Trees On Venus

Trees on Venus, a London based rock band, are four office drones trapped in the brig of middle class London life who sought solace in alternative rock and popular song. With lyrics telling of fantastical sci-fi tales set against a soundtrack of fuzzed out chords, wailing guitars and driving rhythm, TOV are set to be one of the most exciting indie rock act this side of Jupiter. They've just finished recording their debut self-titled EP, which you can check out at

Plain Sails

Plain Sails are an original, four piece contemporary indie/alternative band hailing from London. Formed in 2014 they are comprised of Andrew Chappell (vocals/guitar), Leigh Greenhough (lead guitar), Andy Tanaka (bass) and Jack Bullock (drums). With an eclectic range of influences they have a melodic, emotive and energetic sound.

What's Left

Whats Left and an Alternative Indie Rock Trio from the Midlands. We have a loud and energetic sound are our live performances are unique and passionate. We've played a lot around our local area including Godiva Festival earlier this year. We have recently released our first EP and our working towards recording some singles as well.


The search for art and beauty is the primordial concern, just as important, the forgotten ideal that music stems from art. Influences include baroque, jazz, world music and certain "post" genres with a special love for 90s music and poetic expressions such as Shelley, Baudelaire and Rilke. Secluded in nature, Bernardo spent much of the last two years living in cabins until he felt like "just going out again" which meant the extreme of relocating to London leaving Mexico behind. He identifies with no nationality as he believes it to be of paramount importance when finding ones true art.


Female-fronted indie 4-piece from Cambridge playing upbeat originals with catchy riffs and melodic hooks. Reminiscent of 90s bands such as Letters to Cleo, Veruca Salt, and a heavier The Sundays.


PASSIVE are a young and new Indie Rock 5-piece from North West London. After spending years of playing and focusing on their sound, Elliott, Josh, Phil, Pedro & Matt, are excited to get things moving before they decide to release a debut single.


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