The Fall of Kronos

Hi there,
The fall of Kronos is a 4 piece hardcore/metal band from London/Essex that strive and live off of our heavy brutal breakdowns and killer harmonic riffs. We love performing and we all do it purely for the love and passion we have for music! We love meeting new people and specially performing with with bands!

I Plead Guilty

I Plead Guilty – Melodic Hardcore / Metalcore outfit based in London, UK. Three friends who are sick of existing and not living. „We take all the negativity thrown at us by society, peers and foes to transform it into a positive energy that ignites the light at the end of the tunnel. Making music is our getaway”. I Plead Guilty recently released the first single „For The Sake of Nothing” – the music video can be found on youtube –

She Fell Victim

She Fell Victim We're currently busy writing new songs for our future cd, we will keep you updated with little demos but we wont be giving away too much! In the mean time we would really appreciate it if you headed over to FACEBOOK and added us!! Tags: rock screamo
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