KOMRAUS is London based, Live Music Project mixing trip-hop music with cinematic universes and epic lyrics. Komraus wants to bring the intimacy of our secrets and passions to the music world.

Based on Marcin Komraus compositions in collaboration with Sara Rioja, this is a project conformed by successful professional musicians with the need of bringing solid and intimate live performances to the audience to unleash their senses.

KOMARUS has played in Spain, Italy, Portugal and London and has a repertoire of their own original songs of over 1 hour.

stone by window

stone by window hail from the London suburbs and beyond.

Originally formed in 2011, with an indie-fied guitar led sensibility mixed with classic 60’s psychedelia and 70’s glam.

A fluid line up led us to concentrate on song-writing and recording.

Now a fully formed 5 piece, with 2 EP’s released and many more gems waiting … to be set free.


A Bristol based psych-jazz band led by saxophonist, Dino Christodoulou, and Neil Smith on guitar. Mixing middle east grooves, kraut rock, free jazz and improv. With Roberto Nappi on drums and Pasquale Votino on electric bass.

Live reviews-


Chairfight was formed in Bristol in 2010 by 3 friends who's brains were the same. Together they disparately mind thrashed and made an album 'Fighting with Chairs' with Jim Barr of Portishead. After a 6 year holiday, they self-recorded an album at a house in Herefordshire. It will be released on Babylegs records autumn 2017.

Oh dear

Oh dear is a South African - born British folk singer- songwriter. Her music resonates a royal air of rich melodic sounds woven with a unique blend of expressive contralto vocals. Her style features an eclectic mix of musical genres that include pop, folk, funk, electro, jazz and blues.

I capture a story, a scene, a timeless being, a musical adventure that encounters beautiful souls along a journey that is set to a metronome of a heart beat that is not my own.

Backseat Radio

Originating from London, Backseat Radio is a four-piece Indie / Punk Rock outfit brought together by their mutual love of distortion pedals, alcoholic beverages, and the TV-show Arrested Development. Since forming the band in early 2017, Nik, Alex, Shane and Niall have been drawing from their individual influences to create their own unique and hard-hitting sound.

The Sha La La's

With Swirling Hammond Organ and Vocals delivered with real purpose, The Sha La La’s are a London based Four piece Steeped in Mod and Soul Roots. Signed to Detour Records their 60s R&B influences are apparent but make no mistake, their sound is definitely their own and definitely NOW.


Crownhouse are a 4-piece Alternative Rock/Pop punk band from Brighton.
The sound of the group is inspired by early Paramore records and similar alternative
rock groups such as Taking Back Sunday and You Me At Six. The band have just
finished working on their debut EP "3AM", due to be released May 5th 2017. The group
formed while studying at college on a music course where they began as a
hardcore/metalcore band and after several line-up changes, the group agreed to
change the sound to a more comfortable genre.

Capra Negra

Capra Negra joins forces with the amazing singer-songwriter Kate Thomas, delivering an eclectic mixture of gypsy, balkan and fusion.

The London based Capra Negra is a collective of solo artists, coming from balkan folk, jazz, fusion and rock - cooking together and having fun. When electric guitars meet dulcimer and other folk instruments, it's hard to predict what genre of music comes into being as a result. One thing is sure: killer groove, balkan melodies and enchanting atmosphere is guaranteed.

Hungry Joe

Hungry Joe are a four piece band from Brighton whose tight, edgy guitar based tunes owe much to early punk but draw on indie, rock and even dance sensibilities. A busy 2017 has seen Hungry Joe play many shows in the South East, the highlight so far being headlining the prestigious Great Escape Festival in Brighton, where they topped the Queens Hotel Stage. Anyone who has had the pleasure of catching Hungry Joe live will be able to testify that there is something familiar about this band – you may feel as though you have heard them before but at the same time, you’ve never heard anything lik


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