Before form a fugue [fyoog] is metaphorical; it's purpose is to reveal connections in seemingly unlike things. It's method is to develop an idea in never precisly the same way.
Expect delicate vocals and piano with heavy baselines and driving beats.


A dark tangle of raw lyrics, honest and haunting melodies, Amani represents a new generation of songwriters. Undefinable and expansive. Her talents come from a very unique & original array of circumstances. After her late sister committed suicide, Amani really took to music and writing poetry as a way of expressing her emotions.

Old Swing

"Old Swing are an emotive indie quartet with a unique style and sound that moves between ambient, guitar-driven soundscapes to hook-filled chorus vocals"


SEARLS, is an Irish born, London based singer/songwriter and performance artist.

Following the release of his 2015 debut single Doing Time, he set about creating a sound entirely of his own with producer LJ Looper. In June 2016, SEARLS released his Clash/Wonderland reviewed debut EP Follow. In January 2017, SEARLS released 3 YouTube performances commissioned by Finsbury Town Hall London. He is currently working on new music with Tileyard's Gil Lewis, is a member of Urban Voices Collective and a graduate of Marisa Carnesky's Finishing School.


WITCHER are an Alternative Grunge band based outside of London.

Although the band bring an original take on modern grunge music, it's fair to say they combine vocal and instrumental elements from 90s grunge with modern ambience and folk.

These influences help to create their signature music stye forming a vivid ambient soundscape when played both live and in the studio.


Creating atmospheric and sleek electronica, singer songwriter Ever cannot fail to make a mark with her ambient, haunting sound. Her vocals are simultaneously melancholic, delicate yet crisp and she draws influence from a wide range of female artists including Kimbra, Grimes, Björk and Kate Bush.

The Isle Of CC

The Isle Of CC brings you an ambient, and compelling sound to whisk you away on an adventure. The connoction she is brewing is original lyrics with a mix of neo-soul, spoken word,ambient and electronica.

The Isle Of CC vocal style gives you a warm soulful sound with a blend of distinctive harmonies.

Where will The Isle Of CC take you?..


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