Are Guns N’ Roses still the most outrageous rock band?

For a band that was synonymous with bad attitudes and extreme substance abuse, Guns N’ Roses have somehow managed to become industry veterans.

Now in their 32nd year of existence, the Los Angeles rock band, who’ve given us classics like Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child O’ Mine, are still going strong. And whilst they are midway through a global tour that carries on until the middle of November 2017, there’s the question of whether they are still a relevant music force?

A review from their recent arena show in London certainly seemed to think so. It’s refreshing to find that the loud guitars and nihilist lyrics about sex, drugs and rock’n’roll can still strike a chord with a massive audience.

However, it’s also important to realise that the majority of Guns N’ Roses’ demographic could now be deep in middle age. And so there remains the valid question of whether there’s anything revolutionary about some hoary old guitar chords in the era of grime music?

Whilst many of the band-members have had their fair share of near-death experiences, it seems as though they’re more likely to be on the hunt for organic health food rather than hard drugs. And when even the band’s legendary guitarist, Slash, starts advocating healthy lifestyles, it seems Guns N’ Roses might be in danger of slipping into comfortable old age.

The band’s strength has always been the undeniable force of its music. But even the most hardcore Guns N’ Roses fan would struggle to argue with the fact that their first album, Appetite For Destruction, has never been surpassed - despite 2008’s Chinese Democracy spending over 70 minutes trying to match the spark of the debut.

And recent material has been fairly thin on the ground, with the Guns N’ Roses-themed slots game at the InterCasino website being one of the few examples of an officially licensed release in recent years.

However, there are signs that Guns N’ Roses could be working on new material that could once again give the band the opportunity to reignite a rock music scene that’s become noticeably bloated and self-indulgent.

And with bad-boy lead singer W. Axl Rose seeming more willing to get out there and entertain the legions of rock fans, it seems that it’s not just those slots games where we can get a piece of Guns N’ Roses action.

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