Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra

Brought together by their love of whisky, diverse music and good ol' southern goodness, formed in 2016, Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra are a five piece outlaw country rock band from ol' Southampton. They'll get you up dancin' and stompin' those boots with their unique blend of bourbon fueled high octane raucousness! With tales of doing shots at the bar with dead rock stars, they'll take you on a drunken 100mph journey and give you a taste of the of South!

If it don't run, fill it with Dirty Diesel

Sunshine Savage

unshine savage was born through love of music, creativity, and friendship producing a seven piece band with over 14 instruments. It is so rare to find a phenomenally talented group of musicians who love each other and have fun creatively both on stage and off. With a professional feel (when nesseccsary) these bunch of wonderfuls create music to fill the minds and hearts of all those who listen. Thier range of heavy to light tones creates a collection of music so vast that as an individual you're sure to enjoy.

Worldwide Welshman

Liam and his band play entertaining world & folk inspired songs in different languages, uniting hippies and bankers, east and west, joy and melancholy. With his lyrics he attempts to be funy, profound and sad at the same time. If you like music, comedy, and bands like Gogol Bordello, this energetic singer-guitarist is for you.
Born and raised in Wales, now based in London, Liam wants to save the world & get the girl (like the guy from King Blues).

Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra

Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra have the ability to make audiences swoon while, at the same time, casting forth an air of unease with their intoxicating hybrid of rich romanticism and brutal intensity. Embodying the essences of European folk and bluegrass as well as echoing the guitar-based indie stylings of The Smiths and Radiohead, Shears can gently pluck at your heartstrings while, at the same time, delicately slipping them around your neck.

The Imaginary Hat

The Imaginary Hat formed in September 2014 in Guildford, and have been growing a large, varied repertoire and live show ever since. The idea is to bring early jazz and swing styles into the 21st Century, creating rock songs with a vintage twist. The band, made up of Luke Fraser (vocals, guitar), Nick Smith (trombone), Phil Joyce (drums), Sam Dimond (bass) has been gigging since its conception, gaining a reputation for energetic live performances full of onstage antics and spontaneity.


Bandini is an Italian singer/songwriter based in London. Having been brought up on Blues and Jazz through his father, and then schooled in storytelling and song-writing through his uncle, Bandini’s musical foundations were set. Bandini started his career in London playing live on the streets. He then made a name for himself on the London open mic circuit with his special blend of acoustic blues.

Gabriel Kain

"Gabriel Kain combines lyrical romanticism and themes of displacement with the best kind of foot-stomping jig you might find in an absinthe bar anywhere from Paris to Peking."

Wayward Children

Wayward Children perform a lyrical mix of gypsy jazz and blues, showcasing a wealth of original material alongside re-interpreting classic jazz and blues standards.
With songs about fairytale women, long-distance lovers and curious everyday happenings, they aim to intrigue and entertain. They have been known to perform with a plethora of instruments, including: guitar, piano, accordion, cajon, ukulele, oboe, voice, and bass.

Ogre Melodies

Ogre Melodies are a foot-stomping four-piece folk rock'n'roll band born in Yorkshire, raised in London. Originally an all-acoustic touring busking band, they have played all over the UK, including Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Oxford, Bristol, Bath, Brighton and London. In 2015, they look to build on their performances with more shows, a new EP and trips overseas. 


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