Shevek is Tristram Bawtree of Eyes & No Eyes (Willkommen Collective), singing songs about care-work, the Id, and trying to act natural when you feel unnatural.

He combines the hushed romanticism of Nick Drake with the sonic inventiveness of Arthur Russell or Mount Eerie.

Glass Horses

Born out of a love for Shoegaze Indie sounds, the Glass Horses are: Pat (bass), Tel (guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals), James (drums), and Noga on lead vocals and guitar. Debut single releases in December 2016 were followed by a further single, Stepping Stones, in April 2017. A whole host of gigs are also planned throughout summer 2017 and beyond, with an anticipated new .E.P. release also due out in late 2017.


Formed only in 2016 and the current line up having been together for even less time, Lemondaze are at a high. From playing their first gig at a tiny Cambridge cafe to expanding out to London and Cambridge's more popular venues, Lemondaze are making their way round the musical circuit. Back in April they released their self-titled debut EP which earned them radio play and was highly acclaimed by the local scene. The washy and fuzzy wall of sound was largely inspired from bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and Ride who were at the height of the 90s shoegaze scene.

Personal Propaganda Machine

Personal Propaganda Machine are an electronic duo from London. They combine motorik beats, shimmering guitars and sweeping synths to create psychedelic krautrock that has seen comparisons to Neu!, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, along with The Cure, Soft Cell and Cocteau Twins. They will be launching their second album 'Episodes' on Thursday 24th August at The Workshop on Old Street.


MUFFIN is a sonic slice of grungegaze baked to perfection. All from different corners of the UK meeting in Leeds, the 5-piece have racked up shows at venues throughout the country and don't show any signs of slowing down. With a few released singles now under their belt, their explosive live show is definitely not one to miss. Rumour has it they give out free muffins....
'Oozing with confidence and attitude, Muffin’s performance was quite unforgettable' - The Gryphon

Nick Rezo

Nick Rezo is an artist/music producer based in London/UK. His debut album titled "DREΛM FIELD" just released by West One Music UK. The music genre is dreampop, uplifting pop (simular to M83). Nick Rezo performs in live as a full band (4 people on stage).


Grymm are an energetic postrock-grunge hybrid with all the catchiness of pop, outfit from Brighton. Synths ring out over fuzzed-up bass, sharp blows of frenzied cymbals and hits of percussion cut deep within the ensuing rage of guitar noise. The band have created a cacophony of sound, yet they still intrinsically maintain a strict grip on melody and vocal hooks.


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