The Darts

The Darts are a London based Irish rock band formed in 2016.
They play high tempo, high energy, feel good music using catchy hooks and rock hard riffs, taking inspiration from half a century of Rock n' Roll.
They have played in some of the most iconic venues across the capital and continue to add to their credentials as one of the fastest rising new age rock bands.

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The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a multicultural rock n' roll band based in London. The band has started in February 2017, recorded and released an EP. Despite their name, the group consists of the artists from different parts of the world bringing different influences together. Their style is reminiscent of the 60’s classic rock bands like the Beatles and their use of modern recording techniques has created an interesting combination of the old and new sounds. 

Royal Indians

Royal Indians is a band hailing from London but birthed in Venezuela. Their sound
is undeniably nostalgic yet distinct. Like in the old days, their music is centered
around the guitar. Their inspiration stems from the old-school songwriting process,
which is evident when you listen to their music because their songs allow you to
time travel back in time. Their music is unpretentious and although their main
inspiration stems from rock and roll- they successfully bridged the gap between


Alphawaves are a powerful Rock 'n' Roll band formed in London that mixes aggressive guitar work and infectious melodies. Influences include Led Zeppelin, Oasis, The Beatles, Nirvana, Rory Gallagher, Free, The Rolling Stones, The Who, David Bowie, U2, and many more. Since 2015 the band have been working hard on their own original songs, and now they're ready, Alphawaves want to bring Rock and Roll back where it belongs!


Jeeves formed in southeast London. They first started playing together a couple of years ago, bonding over a shared love of raw indie rock and roll, strong melodies and simple catchy songs

Drawing influences from both sides of the pond, such as T. Rex, Pixies and The Kinks, they write sneering rock and roll songs that combine playful humour with unsettling reflections on modern life

After haunting the basements and open mics of southeast London, they've recently surfaced with a demo single 'Amateur Porn' released on June 5th

The Ruffs

Since 2015 the band have gone from strength to strength with each year, from their first gig at local Nottingham music venue The Maze in February 2015, to playing Rock City main stage in April 2016 supporting The Bluetones.


The band absolutely owned the place straight from the start. Their confident and comfortable demeanour showed just how much this group love to create and play music. They looked like they would be at home home headlining a huge stadium show. It was clear that they’re inspired by Oasis, however, they took the inspiration and made that style of music their own – something that not many Gallagher-inspired bands can do.


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