Oh dear

Oh dear is a South African - born British folk singer- songwriter. Her music resonates a royal air of rich melodic sounds woven with a unique blend of expressive contralto vocals. Her style features an eclectic mix of musical genres that include pop, folk, funk, electro, jazz and blues.

I capture a story, a scene, a timeless being, a musical adventure that encounters beautiful souls along a journey that is set to a metronome of a heart beat that is not my own.


Ruth-Ellen is a singer/songwriter from South London and a member of the SXWKS collective, who has been pursuing her passion for music over the past four years. 2015 saw the release of Ruth-Ellen’s debut EP 'Life' with 7 inspirational songs,which she launched in March.

Currently, Ruth-Ellen has be experimenting with hiphop instrumentals from producers such as JDilla and Evrl, singing her old original songs over them with a fresh melodic approach, showing off her big range and soulful tones.

Jacob Maxwell

Jacob Maxwell is a singer/songwriter/guitarist who writes interesting songs from experience in a way that everyone can relate to. he is an experienced performer who loves making music and sharing it with audiences wherever they may be.

Matt Miller

Matt Miller (Matteo Michelangelo Mugnai) was born in Poggibonsi, Tuscany. He spent the first part of his life in Livorno and then, at the age of six, he moved to Rome.
He started to play music since he was very young and he was interested in listening to blues because of the movie "The Blues Brothers", in fact the first cd that he bought was a Robert Johnson's one.

Sam Firth

Sam Firth is a contemporary Singer/Songwriter focused on storytelling with a highly conversational and introspective style of lyric. His live performance commands attention due to the rawness present in his voice and honesty prevalent in his words.


The search for art and beauty is the primordial concern, just as important, the forgotten ideal that music stems from art. Influences include baroque, jazz, world music and certain "post" genres with a special love for 90s music and poetic expressions such as Shelley, Baudelaire and Rilke. Secluded in nature, Bernardo spent much of the last two years living in cabins until he felt like "just going out again" which meant the extreme of relocating to London leaving Mexico behind. He identifies with no nationality as he believes it to be of paramount importance when finding ones true art.

Cassa Jackson

Cassa Jackson is a nineteen year old London based Singer-songwriter with a soulful edge. She has finished her first EP working alongside Jessica Sharman, who worked closely with the Ward Thomas on their bestselling number one album 'Cartwheels'. This year she has most notably performed as a guest solo act at Wembley Arena for the 'Voice In A Million' charity event run by Jo Garofalo and in June she did a set at 'Colour Day Festival' in Athens to a crowd of 40,000. She gigs regularly in London at places such as the Bedford, Balham and Sketch in Oxford Circus.

Josh Vine

Josh Vine, 21 years old, is an alternative singer-songwriter inspired by the likes of Ben Howard, Radiohead and Bon Iver. Josh is originally from the West Midlands but now lives in London.

Witty Featherstones

‘The Witty Featherstones’ are an acoustic duo from Liverpool. They met whilst studying at Paul McCartney’s institute, The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in Liverpool. Their lead singer is Chris Mohan, 25 and Irish. Lead Guitarist Django Holder is 22 and from Manchester.
‘The Witty Featherstones’ have been playing in the Liverpool and North-West area for three years now and have gained a substantial following.


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