Jumanji are a 6-piece indie pop band, based in Brighton. They have recently put on a sold out show at the Hope and Ruin in their hometown of Brighton for the release of their new singles 'Shindig' and 'Prana'
Their highly melodic, dreamy riffs have a really infectious feel and are sure to have you dancing all night.
Having been described to "Play it better than the game" Jumanji's sound intertwines rock and African rhythms with indie melodies, a must see band for 2017.

TTM Collective

TTM Collective Band has a wealth of experience within the live entertainment sector. With the imminent release (May 2017) of their debut EP "Inspirational Love Songs" GLR Records, featuring some of the UK & USA finest vocalists, including Mobo award winner & 2 times Premier Gospel Radio Best female 2016 & 17 Lurine Cato, David Copeland having featured with some of the best international artists & singers, Frederica Tibbs Reggae's velvet voice with many hits behind her.


2016's BBC Introducing artist Sasha Ilyukevich & the Highly Skilled Migrants create an incomparable brew of post punk electric energy and folk lyricism. Ilyukevich writes songs in Russian to capture the essence of Eastern-Slavic heritage but also translates his lyrics to English to convey the ideas behind his songs and share the nuances of language and emotion. In his songs Sasha fuses Western and Eastern-Slavic sensibilities to bridge a historical divide and engage understanding between two cultures to reverse prejudice between East and West.


Having started out 4 years ago with next to no money and a dream of international status, self-taught producer Kuvocha is now able to do what he does best – deliver distinct dance anthems with a trap twist.

His passion for all things electro has already carried him across the UK and beyond, where he’s proven himself time and time again with hand-picked house bangers and an unforgettable on-stage presence.

Unorthodox Kings

Ive had a deep and different understanding of music, which was that the lyrics made songs everything, so I was inspired by the way the words was used during a track.
Now my inspiration musically, are within music that have good messages, inspiration, motivation and fun to listen to.

The reason I want to grow and move forward as an artist is because, my art is music, music writing allows to express, who I am, how I see the world and to inspire, motivate, all who listen to my songs.

Ajay Srivastav

Ajay Srivastav is a singer/songwriter and guitarist who performs a mix of Delta Blues and Indian folk dubbed 'Karmic Blues'. Lyrically he mixes the personal with the spiritual, presenting a set of original songs which reflect the chaos of the world we live in. Forever bouncing between doubt and faith, Ajay's music is raw, passionate and uplifting. He is joined on tabla and percussion by Vinod Kerai.

Worldwide Welshman

Liam and his band play entertaining world & folk inspired songs in different languages, uniting hippies and bankers, east and west, joy and melancholy. With his lyrics he attempts to be funy, profound and sad at the same time. If you like music, comedy, and bands like Gogol Bordello, this energetic singer-guitarist is for you.
Born and raised in Wales, now based in London, Liam wants to save the world & get the girl (like the guy from King Blues).

Keith Sadler

Keith Sadler is a new acoustic singer-songwriter from Suffolk. Having lost his job as a secondary school teacher a few years ago following serious illness he turned to music to give him a new lease of life.

Island Cassettes

Island Cassettes are a five piece indie/world beat band from the peaceful countryside of Kent. Taking influence from French ye-ye, folk and African guitar styles including high life and soukous. They create a blend of sparkling guitar riffs, exotic harmonies and infectious rhythms. Resulting in sun soaked gems that take you away to distant shores.


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