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08 October
11 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU
020 7613 1988

The Underbelly

Underbelly Hoxton Square is a basement rock “n” roll Live Venue & Club beneath Zigfrid and it is arguably the coolest venue in London!

When Sid Vicious and Philip Lynott came to visit Zigfrid von Underbelly in Berlin in 1977, he had been exploring the underground punk scene of the Kreuzberg district for a while. He then spent time travelling between New York, London & Dublin. The music and art scene in these places then fascinated him.

In New York it was CBGBs and Studio 54, where he spent his time; in London it was the 100 Club and Blitz; in Dublin it was The DandelionMarket and The Baggot Inn where he ran into bands, artists and renegades.

When Zigfrid von Underbelly found Hoxton Square, London in 1988 he decided to invest in the area that was derelict and full of disused wrecked buildings, exactly the kind of urban decay Zigfrid loved. He set up an art/metal/punk studio and began building stuff all over London, New York and Dublin.

In 2003 he opened ZIGFRID OF HOXTON and was blown away by the Electro Kids that came to make it their own.

He knew then that London needed a beautiful, small live venue with a killer sound system like the venues he frequented in the late '70s and early '80s in New York. He knew that when a venue is not too big it could be experimental and provide a platform for the next generation of artists, musicians and disc jockeys.


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