My Real Name Is Starship!

Performer/poet/producer My Real Name Is Starship!'s sound is an eclectic fusion of Alternative, Indie, and Hip-Hop, with some flavourings of folk as well as jazz. A sound reminiscent of Daisy Agers floating on an undercurrent of the gritty, mystique of 90s/00s British Alternative music. His music falls into the sonic concoctions indicative of the zeitgeist flowing through London and the South, as seen by artists such as King Krule, Tom Misch, Cosmo Pyke, Rex Orange County, and Yellow Days. My Real Name Is Starship!

Domi Hawken

Domi Hawken is a singer songwriter currently based in London. Having discovered her love for music she moved to Paris where she could pursue her love of language and lyrics.

She initially started her career writing for other performers but after finding her own unique sound she moved to Liverpool where she launched herself as an artist.


KOYO are Huw Edwards (lead vocals, guitar), Jacob Price (sampling, synthesisers), Seb Knee-Wright (guitars), Dan Comlay (bass) and Tom Higham (drums).


Jarpsy are the lovechild of the high-velocity, hard-hitting impact of mid-2000s indie rock, and the stadium-filling choruses of timeless classic rock vibes. With influences hailing from every era of musical history, Jarpsy are seeking to make themselves part of that history through their front-and-centre live shows that get the crowd riled up, moving, and sure to talk about the band long after the stage lights have come on. Despite the success of their debut EP The Come-Up, and their first single Hammerhead, Jarpsy keep their energy focused on keeping both their sets and repertoires fresh.

Otto Hashmi

Otto Hashmi is a solo artist from North West London. Despite his classical roots, as a teenager he fell in love with the cutting edge side of music and the exciting sounds coming from his home city. His music combines the energy and syncopated grooves of UK Hiphop with the musicality and craft of artists like James Blake and Björk.

Bitter Lime

Formed out of the ashes of Revolves, Bitter Lime are an indie rock band from London, comprising of James Thurling, Ben Taylor and Connor Tregidgo. We fuse modern indie and alternative music with undercurrents of classic rock guitar, groovy bass lines and hard hitting drums! In addition to this new amalgamation of sounds, we look to bring a high quality level of showmenship and musicianship to our live sets, making them as immersive, entertaining and compelling as the songs themselves!

Liza Lo

Amsterdam's own, Liza Lo draws a line between ambient electronic sounds and Pop music. Inspired by artists such as FKJ, Flume and Mac Miller she creates her own poetic and aesthetic world.

Lo believes strongly in the combination of visual arts and music. Having performed in Palmyra Sculpture Centre in Spain and collaborated with local artists, she is now developing her live performance with an artistic eye on the visuals of the performance.


The Wake Ups

Squeezing surf rock, alternative rock, punk, indie, grunge and pop into a shoe 2 sizes too small. For fans of Weezer, Lemonheads, Teenage Fanclub, Wavves, Sonic Youth, Beach Boys........ rock n roll for the cold and lonely ........

Sunflower Ashes

This is Enrique Cesar writing this. I am the bandleader of a six-piece London-based group called Sunflower Ashes. I will warn you this: our music involves a melting pot of genres that range from country to punk rock and bluegrass to metal, which will incline whoever attends our shows to dance, cry, and sing their hearts out. You can learn more about us through the experience of attending a show. We are the dead and living. We are the familiar and the unfamiliar.


CRSTIAN TR is a London based singer songwriter with an imposing raspy baritone and a songbook of bluesy altrock that tackles the love, life and loss that litter our lives.


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