The Old Jelly Rollers

The Old Jelly Rollers are a musical collective who encompass the raucous, joyful spirit of the birthplace of jazz. We are bound to get your feet shuffling with our full 7 piece line up of some of London’s finest young musicians!

The band is lead by up-and-coming songstress Louise Balkwill, named by multi-award winning singer Liane Carroll as a singer to listen out for. Come and move to the beat of the streets of New Orleans!

When Rivers Meet

Grace & Aaron Bond of When Rivers Meet are a Blues + Roots Rock duo from Essex.

Their soulful vocals lock into harmony with a natural chemistry: Aaron’s bold, driven guitar is grounded by his solid kick drum, and Grace’s unique slide mandolin and fiddle combine to create a wall of sound.

With a combination of well-crafted self-penned songs and reworked traditionals, performances are fearless.

Stomptown Brass

Stomptown Brass has emerged as one of the most unique 8-piece acts in Ireland in recent times. Blending the sounds of funk and blues with a raucous cacophony of powerful driving rhythms, Stomptown Brass make the most of their impressive line-up: two Drummers, two Trombones, two Trumpets, one Saxophone and one big dirty Tuba.

What sets Stomptown Brass apart from any other act in Ireland is the originality of their sound combined with the unmistakable energy of brass music.

The Ragged Flags

The Ragged Flags are a London-based four piece with their own distinctive sound incorproating the essential natural juices of rock, pop and folk with the lovely chunky bits of country and blues.

James Goodwin (vocals, guitars), Mark Aldworth (lead guitar, backing vocals), Chris Edwards-Dewey (bass, banjo, backing vocals) and Paul Whibley (drums, percussion) met and bonded over their shared love of soaring three-part harmonies, rocking guitars, and hook-laden melodies. The Flags are setting feet tapping and heart-strings twanging at a venue near you.


Khashoggi is a duo based in London, formed by songwriters Jessica Craig (vocals) and Michael Webster (guitars) during Summer 2017. With influence from a plethora of artists such as Father John Misty, Weyes Blood, Lana del Rey, The Beatles, Blur and Elvis Costello; as well as classic blues and jazz artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and Aretha Franklin; they produce a sound which has been described as edgy, modern and soulful, but hard to pin down to a single genre.

Rick Matz & his Band

Rick Matz is a singer and guitar player based in London. His musical style is rooted in blues, rock'n' roll and country music.
Performing iconic songs from the likes of Muddy Waters, Hank Williams and Elvis Presley as well as his own originals.

Jake Winger

Jake Winger is a solo instrumentalist based in London, performing melody, harmony and rhythm simultaneously.

Mission Statement:
Storytelling through the guitar, in a universal language, for experiences that bring people together to make memories.

In short, Melodies Make Memories.


What happens when a Gibraltarian power ballad singer, and lover of “big arrangements” meets up with a Leicester rock and blues guitarist who loves the classic stripped back line up? Chaos, conflict arguments and discord? Well no, you get “BORDERS”. They both discovered that they start off writing their music in exactly the same way, one voice and one instrument, so what if it just stayed like that?


As Nietzsche used to say "Without music, life would be a mistake." - And nobody likes mistaskes.

Solo artist aged 27, based in London. Musician for over 10 years, I play bass, guitare and I sing.
I grew up in a musical world with a lot of country / folk influences. I began to build myself as an independent artist from the day I fell in love with Jimi Hendrix. Although I am mainly into 60's music, I stay open to the evolution of music.


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