Savannah Gardner

A sultry country/blues singer-songwriter from California.

Savannah has played venues all over Los Angeles including The Viper Room and The Study on Sunset Boulevard and the Silver Lake Lounge. She was also a featured artist on KX 93.5 and played her first EP B Movie live on four radio shows. She has also performed at sell-out concerts in Laguna Beach and Big Bear Lake, California.

B Movie, released in 2016, was Savannah's debut EP produced in London by Jez Coad, who has worked with artists like Simple Minds, The Surfing Brides and Andrew Strong.

Izzie Derry

Izzie performed in public for the first time at the age of 15, at a local Open Mic. After her first performance, she was offered several gigs, the first of which was a spot at the local Godiva Festival. She then spent the next few months performing in venues all over the West Midlands, and also released her first self titled EP, which consisted of 3 original tracks.
Izzie soon began working with a local record label called ‘Domesticated Records’, where she released 2 singles.

Harriet Rose Grant

‘Harriet Rose is a singer-songwriter and musician from Yorkshire. Taking inspiration from the tricks and tumbles of life, Harriet’s music offers honest reflections with a unique country sound.

Previously supporting acts such as Seth Lakeman, Bang Bang Romeo, Wildwood Kin, Nick Harper and Billie Martin, Harriet is currently working on new music which is to be released this year.’

Kieran Taylour

My name's Kieran Taylour and I am a solo singer/songwriter based in Rugby/Warwickshire. With a huge passion for pop and country music, I mainly listen to the likes of Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi, James Arthur, Boyce Avenue and many more fantastic artists out there. As well as covering various artists, I also write my own music which I use to illustrate daily life experiences that everyone goes through, whether it be good or bad emotions, I like to allow my listeners to relate to my material. I can also play guitar, piano and ukulele which I love to use to accompany myself.

Rob Ashton

Robert Alexander James Ashton, singer, songwriter, guitarist and Actor. Born and raised in Bolton, Greater Manchester, he attended Liverpool John Moores University as an undergraduate, at the age of 19. He lives and breathes music… Near to completing his Masters in Music at Salford University, Rob is working as a Vocal Coach in Bolton and regularly gigging with his band. He has a younger brother Jordan “PUD” who shares his passion for all things music and rugby. Although a lot of the time they wind each other up (Mostly Puds fault), they are extremely close.

Woodley Taylor

Woodley Taylor, an emerging artist; singer/songwriter, composer and story teller from Cambridge.
With refreshing authenticity and integrity beyond his years, the singer/ songwriter and musical craftsman strikes a masterful balance between poignant, powerful songwriting and unforgettably hooking melodies.
A timeless sound; a now rare breed of Classic Rock, Country and Folk infused Art-Rock, both lyrically compelling and musically challenging.

Jim Kirby

Born in 1990 in hertfordshire, Jim Kirby never learnt to play and write until he spread his wings, jumped a plane and touched down in Toronto, Canada. Gere he learnt a mix of country, americana and blues that is held on the strings of an acoustic guitar.
Upon his return to the uk 6 months later, Jim began recording regularly in London with GB Sound, supporting charities and other musicians with the ever developing style that he created back in 2008.

Joe Kelly & The Royal Pharmacy

It's easy to consign the idea of the itinerant blues singer to myth (Robert Johnson) or caricature (Seasick Steve) but in 2019, Joe Kelly is as close as you'll get to the real thing.
Having spent the last couple of years calling a dilapidated camper van home and playing hundreds of shows armed with just a beaten-up guitar, a stomping foot, and a harmonica, Joe decided that enough was enough, breaking free of the limitations of the one-man band and enlisting the services of a hand-picked troupe of local guns for hire, the 'Royal Pharmacy'.


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