Clinton Tavares

Clinton Tavares, born and Bred Watford lad from parents of Goan, decent in the south of India were the pure country and rock and roll sound has stayed with him in his music you hear today. Clinton's first experiences of music were from his Dad, where at a very young age were he laid the foundation for him with the sound you hear today with his constant playing on his record player of Dire Straits, The Shadows, Willie nelson, Jimmy Cliff and various legends of the 60's. Clinton has played guitar for 10 years before realising the only job he could do was to be a musician.

Emily Hackett

Emily Hackett is the rare songwriter who doesn’t just pour her heart into her lyrics—she inspires every listener to reach a deeper honesty in their own lives. With her stunningly detailed storytelling, the Nashville-based artist sheds light on the liabilities of being human, transforming the most painful feelings into something glorious.

The Blue Moon Two

The Blue Moon Two write & perform original songs influenced by a whole range of styles including Country, Folk, Rockabilly, Alt Country & Americana. They strive to write songs that have a depth and honesty that connects with people emotionally, and create arrangements that support the songs narrative. The Blue Moon Two’s music has been inspired by many artists including Elvis, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Gram Parsons, Dylan, The Stones, Townes Van Zandt, Emmylou Harris, Tom Waits, Buddy Miller, Willie Nelson.

Rick Matz & his Band

Rick Matz is a singer and guitar player based in London. His musical style is rooted in blues, rock'n' roll and country music.
Performing iconic songs from the likes of Muddy Waters, Hank Williams and Elvis Presley as well as his own originals.


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FINOLA is a 23 year old independent, country-pop singer-songwriter from Leeds, based in Manchester.

Since moving to Manchester in 2014 to pursue a career in music, FINOLA has gigged at some of the city's best known venues including Gorilla and Band On The Wall as well as selling out three of her own self-promoted gigs, the latter being at Soup Kitchen in 2018 for the release of her latest single; "Losing Value."


London singer-songwriter Binky has managed to cement her place as one of the UK’s most prominent new names in Country and Pop music. A happy go lucky, wild and bubbly singer from London Essex. Fusing her love of urban pop and country music, Binky is a unique sonic force in the British country music scene. Country is an ever-evolving genre. While many debate what is and what’s not country, others simply enjoy the music at face value. Boasting over half a million streams on Spotify, the bubbly singer/songwriter has shown that she is able to explore the full depths and breath of the sound.

Maisie Johnson

Maisie Johnson is an 18 year old country/folk singer - songwriter from south west London. Having known that she wanted to be a performer since she can remember, she started writing songs and teaching herself to play guitar at age 12 and started performing aged 14. She has since also taught herself to play the mandolin, banjo, ukulele and charango. 'The Beginning', a live EP of original songs recorded at the Basement Door in Richmond with her sister Alice, was released in July 2016.

Henry Birkett

Henry Birkett
Hailing from a country background, Henry Birkett has grown up cherishing the
sounds of classic and modern Americana artists from industry legends, The Eagles,
Glen Campbell, and Brad Paisley, to Chris Stapleton and Gregory Allen Isakov.
Influenced by Guitar Hero to pick up the guitar at the tender age of nine, Henry took
his rocking ambitions and ten years later, is now a blossoming Americana artist.
With personable and relatable lyrics, touching on aspects from heartbreak to wild life


I am a Country Singer-Songwriter looking to make it to the Grand Ole Opry. My songwriting tends to come from a placed of experience so that I can allow myself to express everything through the stories I tell, just like all good country writers do. I loved the emotion that country music allows itself to express so I try to do that as much as possible both through my writing and performance.


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