Miss Jones

Miss Jones is a vocalist, guitarist and harmonica player based in London and often performs solo, duo or trio depending on the occasion!

Since an early age, Miss Jones was influenced by rock n roll, blues, country and a slice of jazz and was recently endorsed by luxury Italian guitar company Lengardo Guitars and plays the Lengardo Venezia which suits her style perfectly!

Jon Crabb

At the age of 11, I heard Elvis Presley for the first time, he inspired me and I just loved his voice, energy and entertainment he gave to audiences. When I was 15 I got my first ever acoustic guitar and then after started playing in various sorts of groups.

Demi Marriner

Demi Marriner is a girl with many strings to her bow each as unique and strong as the last. Armed with a stack of notebooks, a head full of ideas and a collection of incredible jackets, Demi Marriner is a songwriter well worth keeping track of. Demi’s passion and emotion is so contagious, it is almost impossible to not be captivated from the offset. Riding shotgun alongside her unique, outstanding songwriting are Demi’s powerful, emotive live performances. Demi’s confidence and professionalism on stage sparkle even more than her guitar strap and matching capo.

Robbie Cavanagh

Robbie Cavanagh, a country influenced singer songwriter from Wigan, writes and performs with stark honesty and passion.

His beautiful lyrics and flawless, soulful vocals, along with his incredible live performances never fail to turn heads. Robbie writes with honesty, emotion, and most importantly; instinct. Robbie's sophomore record (To Leave/To Be Left, released on At The Helm Records, Oct 2017) proves that he is quite right to trust those instincts.


With the release of their 2018 debut EP Truth Comes Out and a handful of new singles including ‘Here We Are', American-Israeli duo O&O have garnered the attention of BBC LondonChris Country RadioUK Country Radio, notable Country music blogs in the UK and across the pond. Their latest stand-out single ‘Dancing On The Floor' premiered on Country Hits Radio.​

Jaz Connell

Isle of Wight singer/songwriter Jaz Connell injects an honest approach to lyric writing accompanied with warm and hazy dreamy slide guitars. Following an exciting 2018 that featured writing collaborations, an inspiring trip to Nashville and an Isle of Wight Festival performance, Jaz released her debut singles ‘Footsteps’ and 'Your Girl' in 2019. Drawing inspiration from roots, country and americana, Jaz is inspired by genre fluidity which allows her to adventure in her own sounds.

Say Yes, Do Nothing

Punchy, edgy, catchy Yank rock: Say Yes, Do Nothing (sayyesdonothing.com) are a four-piece guitar-driven original rock band from north London. Winners of the 2018 Future Music Showcase Award, SYDN writes songs that are raw and poetic street reports on personal experiences with homelessness, abortion, abuse and alcoholism. SYDN's unique sound is neatly fused with vocal harmonies, guitars, harmonica and mandolin. Founding members Dave (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) and Simon (bass/backing vocals) met Michael (drums/backing vocals) at a gig in Kentish Town in late 2018.

Laura Beckwith

Laura is an 18-year old singer-songwriter from Essex. She has been writing music and performing for several years. Despite her background in Musical Theatre she is known for singing country and pop songs on piano or guitar.


With the release of their first three singles and debut EP Truth Comes Out, American-Israeli duo O&O have garnered the attention of BBC London, Country Hits Radio, Chris Country Radio and notable Country music media in the UK and across the pond. Their long-awaited debut featured the stand-out single 'Tears in the Rain' which premiered on Nashville's The Bluegrass Situation. Their current release 'Here We Are' (November 2019) received its first play on Country Hits Radio and is currently featured on Apple Music's official Today Country playlist.


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