Jim Kirby

Born in 1990 in hertfordshire, Jim Kirby never learnt to play and write until he spread his wings, jumped a plane and touched down in Toronto, Canada. Gere he learnt a mix of country, americana and blues that is held on the strings of an acoustic guitar.
Upon his return to the uk 6 months later, Jim began recording regularly in London with GB Sound, supporting charities and other musicians with the ever developing style that he created back in 2008.

Joe Kelly & The Royal Pharmacy

It's easy to consign the idea of the itinerant blues singer to myth (Robert Johnson) or caricature (Seasick Steve) but in 2019, Joe Kelly is as close as you'll get to the real thing.
Having spent the last couple of years calling a dilapidated camper van home and playing hundreds of shows armed with just a beaten-up guitar, a stomping foot, and a harmonica, Joe decided that enough was enough, breaking free of the limitations of the one-man band and enlisting the services of a hand-picked troupe of local guns for hire, the 'Royal Pharmacy'.

Bethany Dyson

Bethany Dyson is a Singer/Songwriter from the Midlands, UK. Taking inspiration from country, pop and dance music, Bethany fuses many styles together to create an eclectic mix of sound. Her lyrics are heavily inspired by everyday life, along with past and present situations.

Niamh McSmith

Niamh McSmith is a 20 year old Kent based singer-songwriter, recently moved to London. Taking inspiration from artists such as Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Ed Sheeran, Niamh’s music speaks of her real life experiences and of the people around her. Niamh started performing at a very young age, picking up the guitar at eleven and writing her first song as soon as she could play basic chords!



‘Nashville-upon-Irwell uniqueness’ – Aatma

Boxes are a band that offer something different to the Manchester/UK music scene.

All current members of the band live within the city centre of Manchester, but the roots of the band grew in The Lake District with David and Tom being from the South Lake’s town of Ulverston.

Holly Rose Webber

Born in Harrogate, North Yorkshire in 1987, I fell under the influence of bands such as Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, The Small Faces and the Rolling Stones from a very early age. I’m the only girl out of six brothers and was raised and educated on rock and roll, soul, country, blues and everything in between. I spent my adolescence dabbling in my own song writing and producing a couple of EPs.

The Sandboys

If you ever wanted to know what it would sound like if The Beautiful South were being slapped in the face by Tom McRae to the soundtrack of Crowded House songs, played on the ukulele by Leonard Cohen and accompanied by Randy Newman, then welcome to The Sandboys!

Stuart Landon

Stuart Landon is an award winning singer songwriter and producer from Nottingham. His debut single ‘I Can’t Take It Anymore’ scored him his first number one single on the iTunes and Amazon country chart in September 2018. His debut solo EP ‘Outmanned, Never Outgunned’ was scored number 3 on release with his launch party being a sell out. Backed by his band, Angels With Dirty Faces, they have the flexibility to perform solo, duo or as a band and being a fresh and exciting energy to the stage.

The Family Dickens

"Everyone's favourite country punksters" - Colchester Gazette

The Family Dickens is a Post-1950s Country Punk band from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Now residing in the east of England.

The band is comprised of three brothers. Buddy Lee Dickens on Guitar and vocals. Jebediah Dickens on Bass and vocals, and Dick Dickens on drums.


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