“Country Alternative with a Pop/Folk Twist. A sassy and Sultry Singer/Songwriter” – The Troubadour, London

"Strong, powerful, yet very real tracks (albeit a little flirtatious!). Awe inspiring.” – Andrew Marston, BBC Introducing

Rhiannon The Nightmare

Rhiannon The Nightmare Raised in the deep South East by the New Cross Delta on canned lager, chewing tobacco and heartbreak, Rhiannon the Nightmare has come to put the naughty back into jaunty and the barn dance back into rock and roll. Described by Handpicked.com as "An up and coming crooner, who wears her heart and more on her sleeve, Rhiannon the Nightmare tells tales of relationship woes that are beautifully written. In layers of irony and wit she manages to strike the balance between brutal honesty and romantic desires/notions that amuse and yet provoke sorrow too.

Ich Bin Finn

Ich Bin Finn We are Ich bin Finn. This is the story that we tell people, because if we told you the real story we'd have to kill you.Finn is not a fictional character, although it has been said she could well be; and the prancing hysteric that you hear singing is her muse. The gentlemen providing the foundations from which these two creatures emit their eccentric brand of ukulele-based powerpop folkpunk are Jonny, Nick and Rupert. Also referred to as Jonny, Rupert and Nick - but NEVER Rupert, Jonny and Nick, for obvious reasons.


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