The Black Fields

Bringing lawless Americana to Brighton for almost a decade, making music together on many different projects, for the 

last three years this group of Brighton-based musicians have become The Black Fields. 

The Black Fields’ songs and lyrics dwell in the dark and depraved worlds of the wild west, latino prostitutes, lovelorn  lost artists, and bare-knuckle fighters, demanding comparisons to Tom Waits at his most twisted and Nick Cave at his  most snarling and, at times, mournful and melancholic.

Don Mercy

accompanied by a solitary acoustic guitar, Don Mercy manages to make the misery of modern life sound warm, inviting and almost celebratory

Copperhead Lucy


Copperhead Lucy formed after a chance encounter in a cello shop in Camden, North London.

Based around the delicate voice and songs of Abigail Newis, Copperhead Lucy's songs describe lives sometimes tragic, sometimes humorous, often morbid, set to a backdrop of junkyard drums, double bass and smoking hot saxophone lines.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Portishead and PJ Harvey, the songs run from ethereal whispers to raucous, tantrumic shouts.

The God Damn Disasters

Four dudes playing wild nuevo-rockabilly anyway they can! The London based band were formed in 2010 by Johnny Fox & Billy Lightning. The later additions of Fletch ‘Sweet Touch’ Elliott & Iain ‘The Power’ Mackay completed the line-up. Shamelessly stolen licks, riffs and melodies are ripped up and glued back together, creating rock ‘n roll monsters which first tapped their toes during the birth of rock ‘n roll.

Angelo Tristan

ANGELO TRISTAN BUISSON is a Country-Rock artist that puts in everything he has in each and every show. He blends the raw sound of Rock with the smooth sound of Country music which in turn becomes something of a truly remarkable and original sound. He started playing guitar at the age of 11 and he wrote his first song shortly after that. Since the age of 8 he knew exactly what he wanted to be and it was clear to him what he had to do. What gives him the strength to persevere is his vision of unity that music can bring to this world. Listen out for his sound!

Alex Haynes

The London-based singer-songwriter’s songs delve into the darker depths of rock’n'roll. Making a whistle-stop pilgrimage through blues and country all sung with a gospel singer’s intensity. Yet, beneath the groove and strut there lies an unexpected, sobering introspection.

‘Skewed Blues: Out of the smoke… comes Alex Haynes, he’s got the blues in his soul and no desire to make it easy for you. That cigarettes and whiskey atmosphere is… effectively invoked. Following a path with undeniable authority…’

- review


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