Amy Lawton

Amy Lawton is a 21yr old singer/songwriter from London (via Manchester & Loughborough) influenced by the writing of Suzanne Vega, the angst of Alanis Morissette, the melodies of Amy McDonald and sass of Country-era Taylor Swift. She has been developing her music with producer Matty Benbrook (Paolo Nutini, Dido, Faithless, Jake Bugg, Jack Savoretti, Beverley Knight) and has received support for her first single 'Undone' from BBC Introducing London, Amazing Radio, London Live TV, Acoustic Music Magazine, Deezer, Caffe Nero and numerous online blogs.

Hannah Paris

Hannah Paris is making huge waves in the UK Country scene right now and is a name on many Country fans lips. With nearly 200,000 streams on Spotify in the last 12 months, clearly she is an artist to watch.

But what Hannah does best, is perform live, as she has the ability to connect with an audience. Normally Hannah performs with her band, but on rare occasions, she fly's solo, testing out new material.

Malcolm MacWatt

Age 12 and just getting into the guitar, Scottish musician Malcolm MacWatt first heard ‘Johnny Cash At San Quentin’ and was immediately hooked into country music. While a deep respect for country and bluegrass is evident in his songs and guitar playing, MacWatt freely shows his British folk roots citing John Martyn and Dick Gaughan as major influences. A Transatlantic Records promo featuring Pentangle and Fairport Convention introduced the idea that folk, rock, blues and jazz could be fused together in any combination.


Reya-Jayne is a new country-pop artist, active in both London and Sheffield. As one of very few northern English country artists, Reya moved to the capitol to pursue her musical career and is currently studying the craft of songwriting at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.

Joey Clarkson

A drifting Canadian heart, caught between the Pacific and Atlantic tides. If an old school Mumford and Sons met up with a stripped down version of Taylor Swift: that would best describe Joey's new sound. Having spent more than 10 years honing her songwriting and performing craft, Joey is no stranger to the stage. No distance is too far to travel, to bring her music to new audiences. After many years of touring between the west coast of Canada, Europe and the UK: she has finally settled permanently in London, where she is now based.


Cheerful miserablists Squibs play English country-tinged psychedelic rock. Band members are from various backgrounds in rock, pop and folk, and the band was built around the dark and quirky songs of Dave Webster, Dave woke up one morning and started writing songs out of the blue. He didn't stop for 50 days and since then has formed bands to fulfil his vision. This lineup of Squibs is the best yet. ​ Squibs offer something different. Songs of tenderness and rage, from the point of view of outsiders on the edge of life and sanity.


This is Moonfield.... Everything else is popcorn!!!!! Well, popcorn has something to do with it, but not much. We pushed popcorn for half a living. That’s where we met. Under bright neon with the smell of sugar and salt. Two people who always loved the same idea, but never quite got it together on their own. Open minds. On a train out from London to Gravesend. Leaving the last lights of the city behind, Somewhere there, began the process of catching the dust where Heavy Speed Thrash Metal collides with Country Folk, a didly-eye and the odd Kumbaya.

Dave Fudge

Dave Fudge is a singer songwriter from Newcastle now living and giging in London. You will find Dave most nights on a stage or a street corner with a guitar in his hands and a smile on his face. He’s a little bit country, a little bit bosa nova, he can be intimate and rock the room.

Frankie Swain

Frankie Swain is an Alt-Folk singer-songwriter. Armed with her acoustic guitar, Frankie has a distinctive sound which paired with her raw emotive voice, she blends the traditional 'story telling' lyrics of folk with a pop country twist. In February 2017 Frankie’s hard work paid off, when she was asked to join Steve Rodgers (son of Bad Company’s Paul Rodgers) on his Intimate Adventures Tour. Described as ‘a true talent’ by Rodgers, Frankie has gone on to play many venues around London and Kent.

My Fine Companions

Imagine a pub somewhere in a remote part of Ireland. Six friends arrange to meet for a drink. “Well, it’s been a while”, says one. “Don’t forget your instruments”, says another. A few drinks in, out come the guitars, the mandolin, the banjo and everything they need to fill the night with music. No, it isn’t perfect, but everyone’s too busy having a good time to notice. Those friends are My Fine Companions, a six piece band playing a blend of folk-country tinged pop, with soaring harmonies and infectious energy.


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