This is Moonfield.... Everything else is popcorn!!!!! Well, popcorn has something to do with it, but not much. We pushed popcorn for half a living. That’s where we met. Under bright neon with the smell of sugar and salt. Two people who always loved the same idea, but never quite got it together on their own. Open minds. On a train out from London to Gravesend. Leaving the last lights of the city behind, Somewhere there, began the process of catching the dust where Heavy Speed Thrash Metal collides with Country Folk, a didly-eye and the odd Kumbaya.

Dave Fudge

Dave Fudge is a singer songwriter from Newcastle now living and giging in London. You will find Dave most nights on a stage or a street corner with a guitar in his hands and a smile on his face. He’s a little bit country, a little bit bosa nova, he can be intimate and rock the room.

Frankie Swain

Frankie Swain is an Alt-Folk singer-songwriter. Armed with her acoustic guitar, Frankie has a distinctive sound which paired with her raw emotive voice, she blends the traditional 'story telling' lyrics of folk with a pop country twist. In February 2017 Frankie’s hard work paid off, when she was asked to join Steve Rodgers (son of Bad Company’s Paul Rodgers) on his Intimate Adventures Tour. Described as ‘a true talent’ by Rodgers, Frankie has gone on to play many venues around London and Kent.

My Fine Companions

Imagine a pub somewhere in a remote part of Ireland. Six friends arrange to meet for a drink. “Well, it’s been a while”, says one. “Don’t forget your instruments”, says another. A few drinks in, out come the guitars, the mandolin, the banjo and everything they need to fill the night with music. No, it isn’t perfect, but everyone’s too busy having a good time to notice. Those friends are My Fine Companions, a six piece band playing a blend of folk-country tinged pop, with soaring harmonies and infectious energy.

Jess Thristan

Jess Thristan is an up-and-coming British Country/Pop crossover artist from West Yorkshire, mixing sounds from influences such as Maren Morris, Carrie Underwood and Carole King. After releasing her debut album 'This Is Home' in September 2017, Jess has been working with writers and producers up and down the country getting ready for her second album. She is becoming a regular on the live music scene in London, further establishing herself as 'one to watch' in the British Country Music scene.

Scott Nicholls

Scott Nicholls is a singer songwriter born in London, England but raised musically in Nashville, TN and beyond! Scott has been in bands since he was 19 years old and after taking some time out has returned to London from America with a more mature songwriting style. Inspired heavily by country music Scott's style can range from slow and soulful to energetic and raw. His single "More Than Love Owes Me" has recently began circulation on Wandsworth Radio.

Lucy Blu

Essex born and bred Country singer and songwriter Lucy Blu is capturing hearts and ears everywhere with her soulful vocals and clever yet relatable songwriting, having recently been referred to as "the UK's answer to Linda Ronstadt.”

Full Blown Acoustic

Gadd (Heavy Metal Vocalist by night and Singer Songwriter by day) and Andy Basiola (Full time Guitarist virtuoso) join forces to form one of London’s top acoustic Duo's with only one goal - to Rock your socks off! Full Blown Acoustic gives you the complete live experience with Epic Guitar Solos, Soaring Vocals, Booty shaking arrangements and harmonies. Crafted for acoustic guitars by two of London's best rock musicians.

Steve Tiss

Steve Tiss / Tissiman is a solo acoustic act from Cape Town, South Africa. Inspired by the likes of John Mayer, Johnny cash and Ryan Adams just to name a few, his song-writing often takes on a story-teller feel which he delivers with his trusty six-string and smooth baritone vocals. He spent some time in studio during 2017 to record his first EP 'Heart of Stone'.

Madison Grace

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Madison is a singer/songwriter, currently exploring her passion for pop, soul and contemporary music genres. Her own songs tell stories of her travel & adventures relationships and future ambitions.
Lyrically and musically Influenced by artists such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Joss Stone and she is really excited to share her music with people in venues up and down the country.
As well as being an encapsulating performer live, Madison is currently busy working in the studio on her debut EP to be released early 2018.


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