Jade Helliwell

Jade Helliwell is a singer / songwriter from West Yorkshire.Her style is a notably British blend of pop and country.
Music and song writing are Jade’s way of telling the stories of those around her and herself.

Art Paul Schlosser

Art Paul Schlosser was born in Chicago, and grew up listening to novelty music like Allen Sherman and Tiny Tim as well as funny songs by The Beatles and The Monkees. When Art was 11, he, his mother, and his sisters moved to Madison, Wisconsin after his parents got a divorce. As a child in Madison, his mother continued to play weird and funny songs for him, sometimes playing strange sound effects on one recorded player to go with the songs. As a teenager, Art Paul joined a work experience play group that encouraged Art to be creative.


Horizonz formed in early 2017 and consists of Rob Murphy – Guitar/Vocals, Jason Aughton – Keys, Patrick Clarke – Bass Guitar & George Woodward – Drums.

Lucy Grubb

With heartfelt lyrics and Country undertones, Lucy focuses on telling you the unadulterated truth about a girl who was born and raised in a town not built for Country music.

Sarah Lucy Dole

After more than 20 years in the music industry, UK-born singer-songwriter Sarah Lucy Dole is now a highly successful solo artist, and winner of the prestigious Diamond Don Award and the James Novey Texas Heritage Award.

Music is, and has always been, the lifeblood of her very existence, and her new album "Tell No Lies" is the culmination of a lifetime of Dedication to her music.

Rob Phillimore

Rob Phillimore is a singer-songwriter from Cornwall UK, greatly influenced by americana and country music.

"I was born at the end of the earth, I was heading for the centre of the universe. Unprepared and under-rehearsed. Misunderstanding how this whole thing works - Allow me to introduce myself...I'm nobody you know!"

Katy Hurt

Katy Hurt has lived a whole lot of country for an artist who's yet to hit 20. American culture is stamped on her singer-songwriter soul, from a childhood partly spent living there with her family. Then she returned to the UK to put her love of Nashville sounds and styles to very good use.

Southbank Crows

‘Southbank Crows’ are a London based Alternative Rock/Country band formed in the early parts of 2017,
We have a debut EP which has had over 80,000 hits and just dropped a follow up, we are no strangers to hard work which is how we have managed two play 80+ shows since spring of 2017 whilst also still working full time jobs.

We are in a sense just a bunch of guys who love what we do and live for what we love.

Shaun Clark

Shaun Clark is a solo folk/country singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. Drawing inspiration from the likes of The Levellers, Gaz Brookfield and other non commercial musicians. As of August 2017, I have amassed over 250 solo performances in 18 months. 'From starting out performing in 2011 on an open mic at Beautiful Days festival, Shaun has proven himself as a festival regular. Having featured at a number of UK festivals, including Beautiful Days '14 and Rhythms Of The World '15, he is experienced at getting a crowd up and dancing with a mixture of both originals and cover songs.

Nathan Newcastle

Nathan Newcastle is an Australian singer and songwriter who is quickly developing a name for himself in London. After living in outback Queensland, Nathan brings his stories from home to London with his guitar and harmonica in an enchanting acoustic show that has audiences tapping their toes and singing along.


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