Flat 26

Flat 26 is a Soul/Electronic project founded by Eugenio Morgillo.
Flat 26 is a blend of the old and the new music.
Blues/Soul guitar influences such as John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Tom Misch with the elegance of modern Electronic, Hip Hop and Trap.


Fantastico-dramatico-electro-pop-disco duo started in 2018 by two ex members of the French/British band Metropolitan Parc.
Michael Stroudinsky is a producer and keyboard player (Rubod&Stroudinsky), brought up in a christian family with gospel singing in the background.
Lola Bastard is a singer (Ghost Suns) and filmmaker brought up in a atheist family, whom past over to her the music of Serge Gainsbourg and a very sweet and lovely fear of death.

State Wild

The Band
Beorn - Vocals / Seyfi - Guitar / Mat - Bass / Antonio - Drums

State Wild takes you through a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Merging two very different worlds, the expansive sounding landscapes influenced by the wilderness together with the electronic and processed beats of the urban. Their debut single ‘Up In Space’ captures the essence of the band and continues to make an impact over radio, spotify playlists and music blogs across Europe. But this is just a taste of what they have planned.

Atom Drive

Atom Drive are synthwave / synthpop duo hailing from Liverpool, UK. Inspired by outfits like Carpenter Brut, Depeche Mode and The Human League, Atom Drive take a fresh, cosmic and dynamic approach to electronic performance. The band comprises Joe Foulds (vocals, guitar) and Stephen Blackburn (synthesisers, production) who previously collaborated in alt-rock band Resistance. They currently perform narrative-driven compositions with an energetic audio-visual live show that tells a story about distant, futuristic worlds and the discovery of an abandoned spaceship called “Atom Drive”.

Gaspar Narby

Gaspar Narby is a Swiss multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer based in London. He was still studying Popular Music at Goldsmiths College when he released his first two singles, Home and In Motion, via indie label nourish. They gathered over half a million streams in a year. His debut EP, A Stare Makes Two, which Earmilk described as ‘astonishing', saw him further explore his organic electronic music with touches of songwriting. In the live setting, he brings his music to life by singing and using MIDI controllers.

F J Law

New to the electronic music scene , FJ Law is the latest project from 24 year old writer and producer Danny Hall. Taking his influences from the likes of Lauv, Jeremy Zucker and Honne. A style colliding both the singer songwriter world with new wave electronic beats delivers you the fresh sound of ‘FJ Law’.


Known for their intolerance to their 9 to 5 jobs, Djoolio play a catchy electronic pop-rock.
Their debut EP, Flat 41, has been released on Spotify in December 2019.
The best place and time to listen to their music, other than at live gigs, is a crowded bus at 8.45AM on a Monday morning crossing London Bridge.
They also don't believe in long bios so see you at their next gig.

Otto Hashmi

Otto Hashmi is a solo artist from North West London. Despite his classical roots, as a teenager he fell in love with the cutting edge side of music and the exciting sounds coming from his home city. His music combines the energy and syncopated grooves of UK Hiphop with the musicality and craft of artists like James Blake and Björk.

Sophie Winter

Sophie Winter is a singer, songwriter and producer hailing from Cambridge. Winter takes inspiration from gloomy 2000s pop-rock and blends this with her present love for synth music, creating a moody, yet punchy, synth-pop vibe.


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