ENTT are a three-piece Alternative Electronic Band from London, UK. Formed in 2017, their paths crossed through their love of music, and a simple recording session sparked the start of the reformation of ENTT.

All three members have been involved in the music industry for around 10 years between them, and their range of skills are extensive; guitar, piano, lead vocals, backing vocals, production, editing, mixing and sound engineering. These highly talented entrepreneurs are self-sufficient in their abilities, and have the tools and skills to move forward as a band.


Saphira is a singer-songwriter based in London originally from South of France and Lithuania. Through electronic melancholia and dream pop beats she explores the drama of being a sentient human, vulnerable to the stories of the city, the upcoming apocalypse, true love and to very cherished fuck boys.

Hyde Project

Hyde Project are a three-piece Electro Pop-Rock band based in London, originally hailing from the Midlands. Taking influence from a range of different artists such as The Chainsmokers, The 1975, Bring Me the Horizon and Don Broco, the band's sound morphs from track to track, hearing elements of Pop, Alt-Rock and Tropical House (to name a few) within a single record.

Kaia Vieira

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Summed up by LA-based journalist Jackson Liguori as 'ominous jazz/soul vocals and crackling hip-hop/DnB beats', Kaia's music is a mixture of alternative soul, trip-hop and drum and bass, forging its mark in new ground somewhere between the soul, hip-hop and electronic movements of the modern UK music scene. Alongside her unique sound, Kaia's striking song-writing seems to be equally impactful to listeners, described by Liguori as 'relentless storytelling and ferocious honesty', leading her audience 'into a mystifying soundscape that grips both the ear and heart'.

Luna Park

Luna Park are an Electro, Low-Fi Rnb Duo that consists of Kieran Fowkes (Nottingham) Instrumentalist and Max Mcreton (London) Producer. The two met whilst travelling in Australia back in 2017 and quickly realised they had the same passion for music. Upon returning back to the UK they decided to give this project a go. They have got over 20 songs done since January this year and continue to write new material to push their musical boundaries and to get their musical relationship to be as natural as ever.

Le Marina

Born in a little town near Florence, Italy, she grew up in an artistic environment - a family of eccentrics devoted to art.
That tiny village started to feel too small for her ideas and this inspired her move to London in 2012.
It doesn't really matter what happened next, she just wants you to know that writing songs it’s her therapy. Now I’ll let the other me speak: I’m a gemini, we are two I’m sorry if you thought I was a solo artist.


Forming HANNIE in 2017, the duo of multi instrumentalists Hannah Koppenburg and Annie Wagstaff initially met at music university.


Delac is a downtempo, electronica duo based in Hackney, east London comprising of James McAdam and Stephen Dooley. McAdam founded Delac with the production and release of Polidoxus in 2018. The duo blends live instruments with electronic sounds to create an ambient and dynamic live performance inspired by the likes of James Blake and Bob Moses. With the addition of Dooley in October 2018, Delac are now working on a number of studio records.

Mr Strange

Mr. Strange are an alternative electro-rock band from the Isle of Wight, UK. They are known for their fondness of regularly changing musical genre’s, bizarre appearance, and extremely energetic live shows.

The bands influences include; Alice Cooper, Mr. Bungle, Gary Numan, Dr. Steel, Nine Inch Nails, Prince, David Bowie, Mushroomhead, Marilyn Manson, PiG, Twiztid, RevCo, and a whole host of New Wave / Post Punk bands from the late 70's - early 80's.


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