Detweiler are a dynamic Poly-Pop trio pioneering their own unique blend of intricate instrumentation, unconventional song structures and complex, existential lyrics. Fronted by brother and sister duo David and Marianne Holt alongside accomplished multi-instrumentalist Dave McGill, their songs are full of warm vocal harmonies and striking emotive melodies carefully engineered for the dance floor.


E L L i S i O N is the alias of “finger drumming” producer and multi-intrumentalist, Henry Dymott. Having played shows in and around Europe, this genre flippant artist fuses lo-fi, glitch hop and Pop and R&B. Attracting guest rappers, singers and producers, a vibrant 3D visual sound has been formed. This includes unquantised button pushing and knob breaking twisting. In summary... E L L i S i O N pushes buttons.

Punt Guns

In 2017 Marek Bero and Giampaolo Guarnieri formed Punt Guns. A meeting of minds and musical sensibilities that has forged a landscape of electronic rock, electronica and pop with yearning anthems that seek to bring new life to the darkest corners of our existence. 
Comprising of 2 core members, Marek (Bass and Lead Vocals) and Giampaolo (Guitar and otherworldly sounds), Punt Guns have spent the last 2 years creating their first album release set for autumn 2020. 


Amanda is a London/Warsaw based artist whose bright, electronica infused modern soul comes with jazzy and joyful vibrations and dark lyrical themes about life, love and twisted human interaction.
Reaching the last stages of Polish X-Factor, Amanda found her passion for pop music and she moved to London, where she is now a third year student at BIMM and a performer with her band.

Posh Chocolates

Their debut single “Gold Tongue” was picked up within hours of release by BBC Introducing Manchester, who played it as their recommendation of the week, lauding the track as “just magical”. It has since gathered increasing momentum on Spotify.


London based artist ŻABeL describes her style as Wavy ElectroPop. On stage, she is a force to be reckoned with, giving the audience a theatrical rendition of her pop electro tunes infused with rock and hymnal influences. She takes to the stage like no one is watching, leaving everyone captivated by her sound, her voice, her aura and her stage presence.


Leeds based band EEVAH began 2019 in the form of a classic 80’s electro pop duo, weaving etherial guitars and catchy pop hooks around epic synths and pre-programmed beats. Already having one single, ‘Can't Breathe’, featured on Alan Raw’s BBC introducing show, they released their second single Kill You Again in May and began honing their live show. In October they returned as a four piece, playing a taster of what's to come, at Leeds Lending Room. Their latest single ‘Digital Heart’ is out now and sounds like Ferris Bueller lovingly beating the shit out of you with a keytar!

Flat 26

Flat 26 is a Soul/Electronic project founded by Eugenio Morgillo.
Flat 26 is a blend of the old and the new music.
Blues/Soul guitar influences such as John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Tom Misch with the elegance of modern Electronic, Hip Hop and Trap.


Fantastico-dramatico-electro-pop-disco duo started in 2018 by two ex members of the French/British band Metropolitan Parc.
Michael Stroudinsky is a producer and keyboard player (Rubod&Stroudinsky), brought up in a christian family with gospel singing in the background.
Lola Bastard is a singer (Ghost Suns) and filmmaker brought up in a atheist family, whom past over to her the music of Serge Gainsbourg and a very sweet and lovely fear of death.


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