Caravn was born in Paris, grew up in Rome and is currently living in London. His love for music started at a very young age when he heard a song about videogames in his head at the age of 11. He is now amassing more than 4 million streams on every platform, after many years of struggle. Caravn's rise in the world of electronic and acoustic has now begun and it is far from over.
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Amy Hollinrake

Amy Hollinrake is a London-based singer-songwriter and musician specialising in American folk traditions and Jazz. Performing on both her voice and the Mountain Dulcimer she is influenced by Joni Mitchell, to Jean Ritchie, to Quercus. Inspired by feminist thought and folklore, her music weaves new ideas with old to present original and traditional material to modern audiences.

Caspar Wallersteiner

Caspar is an upcoming folk musician playing a blend of original, traditional and contemporary songs. His style has both the emotional resonance and the punk energy that the genre demands. He also incorporates rock and blues elements to distil a fresh and unique sound. His lyrics comment on the fatigued and aimless mindset of 21st century life.

Helen Shanahan

Helen Shanahan is a singer/songwriter from Perth, Western Australia.

Helen’s songs ride the joys and sorrows of love and life and draw the listener into an articulate and heartfelt world of story, melody and guitar, through her eyes. Helen graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) majoring in voice.

Daniel Armstrong

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Hailing from the town of Nottingham, London Based Singer-Songwriter Daniel Armstrong has been working hard on the follow up to his 2018 L.P The Town and The City.
With new material on the way for the forthcoming E.P Emotional Progress, Daniel is preparing to take things in a new, bolder direction.
Equally at ease armed only with his acoustic guitar, or going electric with his backing band The House of Hearts, his music straddles the boundaries of Folk, Indie Rock and Blue eyed soul, anchored by an adaptable voice and disctinctive guitar-style.

The Ragged Flags

The Ragged Flags are a London-based four piece with their own distinctive sound incorproating the essential natural juices of rock, pop and folk with the lovely chunky bits of country and blues.

James Goodwin (vocals, guitars), Mark Aldworth (lead guitar, backing vocals), Chris Edwards-Dewey (bass, banjo, backing vocals) and Paul Whibley (drums, percussion) met and bonded over their shared love of soaring three-part harmonies, rocking guitars, and hook-laden melodies. The Flags are setting feet tapping and heart-strings twanging at a venue near you.

The Gillies

"Music for your graveside" is one way London-based Americana-folk duo The Gillies describe their songs. True, there's darkness in there but the graveside is also a place to reflect on life, love, loss and the moments of lightness and joy that confirm our existence, and The Gillies can convey all that in just one song. Their sound, a weaving together of steel-strung and tenor guitars, flits between the ethereal and gritty down-home reality. Delivered with unaffected clarity, their work combines bittersweet immediacy with an intangible sense of nostalgia.

The Blue Moon Two

The Blue Moon Two write & perform original songs influenced by a whole range of styles including Country, Folk, Rockabilly, Alt Country & Americana. They strive to write songs that have a depth and honesty that connects with people emotionally, and create arrangements that support the songs narrative. The Blue Moon Two’s music has been inspired by many artists including Elvis, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Gram Parsons, Dylan, The Stones, Townes Van Zandt, Emmylou Harris, Tom Waits, Buddy Miller, Willie Nelson.

Dan Olsen

International award winning singer-songwriter and producer Dan Olsen is from the Faroe Islands and based in London, U.K. He started performing and writing his own songs while studying in Australia. He made ends meet by living in cheap backpacker flats while playing bars and pubs. After honing his live set and a bunch of songs to his name, Dan moved to London. He produced a couple of tracks with Steven A Williams (Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison) which have now gained millions of plays across various streaming platforms.


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