Dellag Duffers

Dellag Duffers is a band from San Luis Potosí, México, conformed by 3 brothers. Was part of the of the first edition of MAPAS in the Canary Islands, besides for the first time doing a tour for Spain in 2017.

With a powerful interpretative force that encourages you to move from the start to the end. Dellag Duffers has participated in important forums, fairs, festivals, and scenic markets, both nationally and internationally.

Dirk Quinn Band

Dirk Quinn the guitarist for a high energy funk/jazz band based out of Philadelphia that travels extensively throughout the US and Canada. Utilizing over a decade of steady performing, Quinn has developed a unique and progressive style - one that appeals to a wide variety of music listeners with fans ranging from the beard stroking jazz aficionados to the jam band hippies.

Hot knife club

Post-Baggy Funk Rock with a punk ethos & the urchin energy of early Arctic Monkeys. Go deep or go home. Infectious melodies and solid grooves with influences of ska, funk, rock and electronica. Upbeat anthems about illegal raves and 70s Kung Fu.

Jon Roniger and The Good For Nothin' Band

Joan Roniger and The Good For Nothin Band have been touring internationally since their first record. Playing over 200 shows a year including The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, The French Quarter Festival, The Ingolstadt Blues Festival and numerous concert halls, listening rooms and venues, they focus on original music. Now with their second full length album out, they are scheduled to be in Europe twice in 2019 and continue to build a following in the Southeastern US.

The Yellow Bellies

Making waves in Brighton, grooving in mind body and spirit. The Yellow Bellies give us a fresh fusion of funk, blues and hip-hop with a 60’s twang to it. They’re all about love, peace, freedom and happiness. Just what we need right now.

Mister Lees

Mister Lees is a Recording Artist and Music Producer from London who takes old school vibes to the next level! Specialising in pop music, he cleverly combines the modern pop sound with the feel of the 80's & 90's to create a nostalgic yet fresh vibe. If you are lucky enough to catch him live, Mister Lees will take you on a journey back to the 90's and then throw you back into the room again with his cleverly crafted selection of original material.


Once likened to four brothers, Bristol based Tungz are a tight-knit group delivering an intoxicating blend of 70s synths, disco grooves and friendship. Their electric live performance secured them support slots with Her's, Franc Moody, and Boy Pablo as well as a sold out London headline show this January. Emerging from their basement home-studio, with backing from BBC Radio 1Xtra, Dummy, and Hillydilly, Tungz are clearing the way for a new era of funk inspired bedroom pop.

Quiet Man

Preferring the shadows to the spotlight, Quiet Man has spent the last few years dreaming up sounds and honing his craft, learning what he can from the experiences of life and the talented circle of musicians around him. He is now emerging with his debut record, the self-titled ‘Quiet Man’. A collaboration with acclaimed producer Courage, whose musical identity and production style have merged with Quiet Man’s own to create a symbiosis of jazz-drenched grooviness - this EP speaks to the heart and the hips in equal measure.

The Real Ink

The Real Ink is a mixture of Funk, Reggae, Jazz and Ska that creates that Ink noise. Its a momentum of sound. From when the first note of the saxophone hits to the last beat on the drum. Get ready for soulful vocals and funky bass and guitar. Get ready for something that you will be hard to comprehend but will hook you indefinitely.

The High Points

The High Points bring indie funk vibes to the max. Emerged out of Norwich in 2017 the three piece groove masters bring you straight back to nostalgic 70s era - but with one foot grooving in a new direction. Despite displays of fun, funkiness and fire the music hides an emotional spin to capture the listener's imagination among all them Friday night's groovin' feet. A debut EP recorded and UK tour out now, funky vibes are coming to a city near you very, very soon.


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