Muff is a 5 piece alternative girl band using their ‘bad bitch energy’ to confront problems with gender ideologies. Combining heavy chords and catchy melodies talking about feminist issues today. The band consists of Jade Middleton (vocals), Lia Dixon (guitar), Anna Rees (guitar), Bella Hayle (Bass) and Chloe Brown (drums). Their key influences are Dreamwife, Wolf Alice and Hole.

Cruel Hearts Club

Leaving behind a childhood of communes, ashrams, six siblings and their Australian parents, sisters Edie and Gita left rural Buxton for the Bright lights of London. They turned their backs on their classical music training and began exploring the darker elements of their unusual past, setting their story to brooding jagged pop. Six months ago the sisters met Gabi Woo at a party. She was a tiny weird thing who barely said a word but sitting at the drums she was like a ninja on speed. They had found the one and CRUEL HEARTS CLUB was born.

The Wake Ups

Squeezing surf rock, alternative rock, punk, indie, grunge and pop into a shoe 2 sizes too small. For fans of Weezer, Lemonheads, Teenage Fanclub, Wavves, Sonic Youth, Beach Boys........ rock n roll for the cold and lonely ........

Spicy Wings

Spicy Wings is a four-piece rock band from East London 2019. Their unique stoner-rock sound based on the fusion of few ROCK styles GRUNGE STONER ... the mix of culture they have made they sound unique .The band start to performed at well-known London rock-circuit stages like The ISLINGTON, NEW CROSS INN; the iconic THE WATER RATS .and recently in the hear of soho at THE SPICE OF LIFE and in mean time the band is about to release the first EP .


Loki UK initially started in early 2018 when Shane (drums) took to social media in search of someone to jam with and Jay (guitars) answered the call. They immediately got busy in the rehearsal room, writing together. A few members came and went [name check?] over the next few months, until the band line up was cemented when Jamie (vocals) and Ross (Bass) joined I June and July, respectively. Cue more riffery in the rehearsal room, collectively writing a handful of songs and playing their first show, just twelve weeks after their first full rehearsal.

Leopard Rays

Leopard Rays are currently based in Hartlepool (in between Middlesbrough and Newcastle) - a coastal town with cult bands such as Plaza, Future Horizons and Para Alta. The band consist of front man Luke Dawkins, lead guitarist Sean McCloskey, bassist Tom Pattison and drummer David Wilcox. McCloskey is originally from Chicago, IL, thus providing a traditional American twist to an otherwise full-English outfit.


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