The Happy Pill Academy

The Happy Pill Academy is from London in the United States of Britain. It is a one-person endeavour but that one person maintains a healthy relationship with the other completely fictitious members of the band.

This alternative reality project blends together character-driven lyrics, Lo-Fi riffs and an altogether fresh perspective on the kind of noise you can make with one acoustic guitar.

Reminiscent of Nirvana / Eels / Beck, they are known for their energetic solo acoustic shows and post-rock sensibilities.

Wave Flow

Wave Flow, composed by Ace (guitar / vocals), Miguel (solo guitar), Esteves (bass) and Quim (drums/backing vocals) are a Rock/Post-Grunge band, influenced by the big names of several families of Rock, and their irreverent young spirit.


*PICSEL are a noisy alternative grunge-pop four piece from Swansea UK. The band combine the overlapping vocal fun of Weezer, with the raw screw-you punk of Fidlar and anthemic energy of Japandroids. *

Concrete Bones

CONCRETE BONES are an all female grunge alt rock band who play big beats, heavily distorted guitars with dreamy soundscapes and are fronted with strong rock vocals. They are: Maya (vocals), Sally-Anne (guitar and backing vocals), Jeannie (guitar) and Grace (drums). After initially meeting at Women Rock London in May 2017, a music camp offering a safe space for women and non-binary folk to learn and create music; CONCRETE BONES was born. The band wrote and performed their first song together at The Victoria in Dalston despite having only just met that weekend!

Glue Men

GLUE MEN are a Grunge/Rock/Punk band hailing from South East London. Gritty vocals over hard-hitting beats and riffs. The band have 2 releases under their belt [The Happy Grotesque LP & The Doldrums EP] with a new single release on its way early 2019.


Lyena contrast catchy pop melodies with their abrasive energy, feeding you social commentary through hard-hitting rhythms and gritty vocals and blend influences from Rage against the Machine and Bloc Party, to Idles and Katy Perry. Joining forces from previous bands, Stendhal and ZUU, this high energy dynamic three piece present an undoubtably London sound with hooks that you can’t get out of your head.

Dutch Mustard

Dutch Mustard are a four piece Rock band from London, formed by front woman Sarah-Jayne Riedel in October 2017.

The band’s current line-up consists of Sarah-Jayne (Vocal and Rhythm Guitar), Neyl Nejjai (Lead Guitar), Alex Kemp (Bass Guitar) and Arlen Millward (Drums).

 The groups musical style is a blend of Rock with influences of Grunge, Shoegaze, and Alternative Rock.


Breaking hard-rock down to its simplest, most fundamental form, Sœur are a brutal, soulful assault on the senses. Bound together and battle-hardened by an experience & appreciation of the fringes of British rock music, Anya Pulver, Tina Maynard & James Collins have already found their incendiary live shows selling out in dive bars and clubs across their native South West.


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