King Pine

King Pine are an up and coming noise punk band from Surrey, consisting of Jake Lane(vocals, guitar), Charlie Gibbons(guitar), Conner Draper(bass), and Sam Sanders(drums).

King Pine’s combination of bluntly political, emotional lyrics with raw and powerful music bring a refreshingly youthful intensity to the modern punk scene. With big things surely on the horizon, this is a band you don’t want to miss.

Sneaky Toy

Sneaky Toy are a pop-punk-rock/melodic-hardcore band, born in 2017 from the idea of Andrea Zanolla and Simone Stocheli, guitar players and singers in Trieste's historical band: My Space Invaders.
The goal was to try a new kind of punk rock, with faster rhythms, catchy guitar riffs, more personal sounds and with a powerful but at the same time melodic female voice.
This idea came true when the two met Leo Bugatto, singer of Vidiam, a melodic-post-harcore band from Trieste.

Confessions Of A Traitor

Established in 2013, Confessions Of A Traitor are a raw metalcore band from London. Musically influenced from a wide rage of acts, the band have created a unique sound that resonates with each listen. Driven by motivational lyrics, inspired by heavy riffs and breakdowns, the band prides themselves on a hectic, energetic and tight live performance captivating peoples attention. This has come to great acclaim as their fan base continues to grown rapidly.


We are pinkgrip. ‘Furiously snarling and stomping glorious din. Expect an incessantly sneering, sludgey and soooo agitated racket.’


We're a couple of charasmatic geezas in a highly energetic punk rock duo based in the south west of London, with song topics that range from drinking in a pub to political ideology.

Houses Hollow

Hailing from Kilburn, North London where they all met as music students, Houses Hollow take influence from a variety of genres including thrash, hardcore punk and alternative rock, creating their own unique sound. Despite only being a band for several months, they are already starting to grow a reputation for their energetic live shows and heavy riffs, and 2018 will undoubtedly be their year, with plans to record their debut EP in March.


Five piece alternative metal band, Assimilate, started making a local name for themselves in 2013 when they released their debut self titled EP and began bringing their fierce and energetic live performances to their local live scene.

They followed up their debut in 2015 with 'Irrational Fears' which has spawned two singles and has helped them gain a larger fan base. The band is currently playing shows around the country, leaving their mark wherever they go.

The Fall of Kronos

Hi there, The fall of Kronos is a 4 piece hardcore/metal band from London/Essex that strive and live off of our heavy brutal breakdowns and killer harmonic riffs. We love performing and we all do it purely for the love and passion we have for music! We love meeting new people and specially performing with with bands!


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