Detweiler are a dynamic Poly-Pop trio pioneering their own unique blend of intricate instrumentation, unconventional song structures and complex, existential lyrics. Fronted by brother and sister duo David and Marianne Holt alongside accomplished multi-instrumentalist Dave McGill, their songs are full of warm vocal harmonies and striking emotive melodies carefully engineered for the dance floor.


Toyz are a Brighton based alternative act lead by songwriters Cal Lynn and Jan David. The 6 piece band experiments with sounds ranging from spooky/soulful ballads to fuzzy tones reminiscent of the T.rex/Visconti era. Not completely emerged in the past however. The heavy use of synthesizers adds a pop-sensibility regarding their songwriting approach this gives the band a definite contemporary edge allowing their music a somewhat timeless feel.


Hailed as “the next big thing” by Irish rock legend Christy Dignam of ‘Aslan,’ ‘Hawke’ are a new band formed in March 2019 in Dublin’s south inner city.

Combining their influences (The Verve/Oasis/Arcade Fire) with contemporary sounds, lead singers Richard Power & Eoghan Mac Mahon offer an anthemic flavour of indie/alt-pop.

After recording their first home demos in Richard’s bedroom, they sent the tracks to their London based producers and shortly after recorded their first releases in Abbey road & Metropolis studios in London.


The East London art-rockers have gained a reputation for captivating live performances and timeless songwriting with shows across London’s best tastemaker venues. Combining interesting synths and vintage piano sounds with skilful guitar licks and tight beats, the group offer a uniquely melancholic, yet uplifting sonic experience.

Set In Stone

Set in Stone bring an original yet familiar sound back into modern day music - with great melodies and musicianship. Starting life in a bedroom, they worked their way to become known in their hometown. Possessing a frontman (Jamie Watts) with attitude, which is complimented perfectly by a calm lead guitarist (Leon Parkins). Charlie Shortell (Drums) holds up the back line, who connects perfectly with the relaxed bassist Will Stephens Aka Sid...

Solar Strides

Solar Strides are an indie rock band formed on the outskirts of London in 2019. Influenced by an array of genres from 60s British rock to R&B and soul, the band blends nostalgic tones with contemporary songwriting for an authentically dynamic sound.

Ruby Dutch

‘Led by a fine female lead vocal - sparkly and a cool but deadly cut-through. Placed over some spacey, dub-informed, tropicalia tinged, intelligent indie, it’s a great blend. Something for the head, the heart and the feet’ (Dublin Castle, Camden)


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