Aleira are a funk rock band founded by frontman and vocalist Vincenzo, in 2016. The band formed in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where the first Aleira songs were recorded and the first gigs were played. Vincenzo later left Brazil and moved to London, where the band is now based, with a new 5-piece line-up. The band has recently started gigging around London.


Kiltro is the brainchild of Chilean-American singer songwriter Chris Bowers Castillo. Conceived in the lively, bohemian port city of Valparaiso, Chile, Kiltro draws much of its thematic energy from Latin-American folk artists like Victor Jara, Atahualpa Yupanqui, and Inti-Illimani, making for an emotive and stylistically unique merging of older genres with contemporary ones.


With Urban/Latin Roots, Mexicana is one of the most progressive up and coming acts of the decade. Mexicana tracks blend elements of hip-hop, rock, mariachi and electronica into their music. Mexicana has broken the boundaries of traditional latin music by adding a unique spin to their formula. You can expect to hear booming 808's, old school loops, electronic sounds combined with heavy guitars and pounding drums. The addition of mariachi instruments creates a powerful sound that is sure to spread across all genres of music lovers.


Malavita! fuse funky latin beats, skanktastic & chunky bass lines to create a heady mixture of original, infectious feel good tunes. 7 eclectic fun seeking musical misfits originating from Italy and the Deep South (Westcountry) they come together to inspire you to dance, sing along and get a little bit crazy. Collectively on a mission to start the party and keep the dance floor jumping with their tropical sounds. Expect Heaps of percussion, plenty of horns and soulful female vocals.

Eline Valery

Eline Valery is a very versatile female DJ from The Netherlands, specialised in caribbean vibes. She played at international festivals and clubs, amongst which Antilliaanse Feesten in Belgium and Reggaeton Beach in Germany. She made a tour on Curaçao (Dutch Antilles). She know how to work a crowd and gets you in the right mood with her hot reggaeton, uptempo afro and eclectic, energetic mix of african, caribbean and latin tunes. She makes her own tunes as well, so she can use them in her sets.

Phoenix Raven

Jules Phoenix (Singer/Songwriter/ Electric Guitarist) and Remi F (Backing Vocalist/ Latin Percussionist) started performing together in 2010 and released their debut EP,London Road in 2012. They have been performing at various iconic London venues and festivals in and around London, Brighton and Birmingham since then, and last year released the EP, It's Time. Their music is a unique and catchy fusion of Indie- Rock, Ska, Reggae, Punk, Blues and Afro-Latin. They have also been gaining attention as unique street performers with their distinctive songs and original take on popular covers.

Krix Panx

Krix Panx is an emerging musician, originally from Guadalajara, Mexico and based in London since 2011.
With more than ten years experience as an independent musician he has become a multi-instrumentalist and combines a wide range of music styles with his live looping show.
Krix Panx was a UK finalist at the World Boss Loop Contest in 2012. With one album and a soundtrack released in the UK, as well as some music collaborations. After a successful crowdfunding project campaign, Krix Panx is currently recording a new album to be released in summer of 2017.

Zenith Nadir

Zenith Nadir is an eclectic mix of electronic rock with Latin rhythms such as salsa, cumbia, danzon,
mariachi and banda, a combination of electric violin, keyboards, bass guitar, lead singer and programming
from Mexico City. Widely considered as one of the most creative, futuristic and innovative bands in the independent scene, a fusion of different styles and genres to create a genuinely unique sound and experience!!

Joncan Kavlakoglu

Playing an original whirlwind style of highly visceral, passionately charged percussive flamenco/funk fusion, Joncan’s style melds his appreciation for a spectrum of rhythmic musical styles into captivating performances on a single acoustic guitar that sounds like an entire band.

Awkward NDure

Born and raised in Hackney, East London, Awkward established her sound at 16 whilst attending the British Academy of New Music. Her name originated from her stage presence which has been described as 'awkward' yet endearing.

At the age of 23, she has already had a glistening career working as a backing vocalist for artists such as Iggy Azalea and Elli Ingram. She is currently the female vocalist for the Electronic-soul duo, Equals.


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