Hard rock band fromLondon. The group was founded by Tony Vega (vocals), Danny Ruiz (guitar), Ozzy Preciado (drums) and Luis Lopez (bass).

In 2011 band released their first EP “Tolerance” followed by the successful album “Sputter The Worms" in 2012, which elevated the band to higher respective level with great reviews from magazine giants like Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Powerplay, Total Rock etc. Sputter The Worms has sold over 8000 copies and continues to build solid moment for the bands future.


Aftershock are a Groove Rock band based in between Watford and London. Their sound draws influences from bands such as Infectious Grooves, Living Colour, Heavens Basement, Extreme and Audioslave etc.

Burned for Heresy

We are a 4 piece melodic metal band hailing from the beautiful Surrey area.
We have been working extensively on our upcoming “Condemned” EP soon to be released.
We are a band who absolutely love what we do, and will continue to show the world what we have to offer, no matter what it takes!


Mystiek are a energetic band that takes the it's alternative roots and provides a modernised metal genre which caters in groove, emotion and catchyness.
The band is a 4 piece that follows the tranditional instrument setup! The band is currently working around a lineup change and some big stunts to take to the stage this year so keep an eye out!;)

Left eye perspective

Formed in 2004, Left Eye Perspective is a progressive metal band from Ghent, Belgium. Boiling down elements of progressive metal and stoner rock, with flashes of rock and grunge music, their sound encompasses heavy riffing, proggy melodies and grungy vocals. The lyrics often refer to the infinity of space, desolate plains and immutable time as metaphors for melancholia, solitude and defiance. Their first release, in 2017, was a single called The Wanderer, a 7min rollercoaster of riffage. In 2019 the EP DEFIANCE is released by Dust&Bones Records.


Combining intricate riffs and furious rhythms with anthemic, cascading vocals, LestWeForget’s unique brand of progressive metal synthesises those two most disparate of things - the complex and the catchy.

The band’s innovative sound derives from juxtaposition. This exists in the dialogue between JH Norris’s vocals and Harry Lingard-Bright’s soaring lead lines, and in the connection between Paul Heavey’s driving guitar riffs and Dec Doran’s fierce percussive cadences.

Die Kur

Die Kur is an industrial metal[1] band from London, UK. Formed in 1999 and with origins back in 1995 the band has released four official albums "From Dark (Renaissance of Evil)" (2005), "The Fall of The Empire" (2008), "ERA (Formicidae)" (2011), and the fourth double album "Manifesto" released on 20 March 2015 comprising part 1 "Modern Society Manifesto" and part 2 "Songs of Freedom". The band is actively performing concerts[6]

Elysian Divide

Elysian (adj): Relating to the feeling of paradise, bliss or delight Divide (noun): A division, separation or divergence A world coming down from the incursion of nu metal, juxtaposed with the pop-friendly feel-good factor of cliché pop bands with heavy downtuned guitars is where female fronted Elysian Divide draws a line in the sand. While everything that was original is celebrated with come-back tours of our ancient metal ancestors, Elysian Divide seeks to redress the balance and do something a little more unique.

Sydney Fate

Sydney Fate are a group of friends from a small Welsh town with not much in terms of a music scene founded by guitarist and vocalist Bailey Edwards, after years of line up changes the decision to start taking things seriously made the band set out on completing the definitive line up that they have today.


A four piece heavy rock band with influences spanning from tool to thin lizzy and everything in between! with thunderous vocals, facemelting guitar riffs, hard hitting basslines and an unrelenting drummer they’re hopeful 2019 will be the biggest year yet for them. Having already had a headline set at the Jacaranda and played in the University of Liverpool’s battle of the bands final at the Cavern club, they’re hoping to build on the momentum they have picked up towards the end of 2018 with the release of their debut EP!


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