Far From Refuge

Far From Refuge is a metal band from Cambridge, UK, formed in 2016. Their music combines elements from progressive metal, metalcore, and melodic death to create a powerful and captivating sound.

Along with a string of energetic and highly lauded live performances, in 2018 they released 3 self-produced singles - “Emergence”, “There Was A Light”, and “Circuits”, featuring a music video.

Far From Refuge released their debut 5 track EP on February 1st of 2019.

Phoenix Clove

What started as a musical project at NewMusicSchool in 2012, morphed in 2016 into Phoenix Clove: an Instrumental Alternative Rock band.

With their influences ranging from Blues all the way to Metal, the band released his first self-titled EP, "Phoenix Clove", in December 2017.


Bringing Our own brand of metal to the modern masses, taking influences from all over the world of music, to build our own breed of darkness. We Are Icarus, and we are rising.

The Smokin' Aces

Hard rock 4 piece from London UK, playing music based on the concepts of front-man Daniel Leigh's (New Device, Shot Through The Heart, King Fiction & The Wedding Crashers) SCI-FI novel ''WESTBOUND''

Apostles of Freedom

Band - Apostles of Freedom The band is formed in the spring 2018 in London.Genre:alternative rock, metal,groove.We are playing originals and covers as well.Our first performance was on 19th July 2018 at The Fiddler's Elbow, Camden town. Members : Vince Vasilev - guitar, vocals Brent Cahill - drums, vocals Mike Yanov - singer, guitar Sophie Wilson - bass,vocals


When bands talk of going on a journey together, they normally mean hitting the road and having adventures in the back of a van, Encoded, however, decided to remove as many barriers to their journey as possible. With 3 of the 4 band members all living together, a cultural mix that spans from Milton Keynes to Perth (Scotland), from Bournemouth to Poland breathes its way into their socially conscious musical narrative.


Mandalorian started as a classic rock covers band in 2014. After years of cutting their gigging teeth in dingy bars, one show went tragically wrong when the stage was invaded by 24 acolytes of an old religion, clad in grey robes, who ritualistically disembowelled the band's only fan in a sacrifice to an otherworldly force. Feeling pretty put out by this, they decided to break up as a band after their next show.

Dalka Rose

Dalka Rose are a female-fronted, five-piece alternative rock / metal band hailing from London, Hertfordshire and Essex. The band started in the summer of 2017 as a project between songwriters Jamie Brace and Pauline Campbell. Since then, after enlisting the extensive talents of Richard Innocent, Harris Shallcross and Ryan Hunter, the band has flourished creatively and have now released their debut EP, "As Colours Blend".

Heist At Five

Heist At Five was born with the purpose of taking a shared love of hard rock music, and blending it with a contemporary, electronic edge. The vision is to create fresh, exciting music, pushing the musical boundaries of what is possible when bringing two genres together, showing what can be achieved with a considered, modern approach to songwriting. In the spring of 2016, they performed at the O2 Forum, Kentish Town, and the O2 Academy, Islington in London, showcasing two of their first songs, receiving great feedback. In Spring 2017, their debut EP, ‘The Blacklist’ was released.


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