St. Blue

St. Blue is an up and coming LGBT artist on the London scene. Her eclectic and melodic repertoire draws influence from R&B, pop, rock and soul. This combined with her sultry vocals, balance of authentic riffs and dreamy electronic sounds lends itself to a unique and progressive style.

Her debut single ‘Fault Lines’ reached 50K streams in its first month having featured on several independent indie and alternative tastemaker playlists.


KLEOPATRA is a performance android with human consciousness captivating her audiences. A glitch in the music scene that she has taken on with full power. KLEOPATRA’s dark pop beats combined with melodic lines, catchy hooks and dystopian subject matter are sure to keep you transfixed


Detweiler are a dynamic Poly-Pop trio pioneering their own unique blend of intricate instrumentation, unconventional song structures and complex, existential lyrics. Fronted by brother and sister duo David and Marianne Holt alongside accomplished multi-instrumentalist Dave McGill, their songs are full of warm vocal harmonies and striking emotive melodies carefully engineered for the dance floor.

Kayla Grace

Kayla Grace, alternative pop singer/songwriter, was born in 2001 and is based in London. Her music is dark; each song acting as revenge upon those who have ‘cheated’ her in some way, with a clear theme of karma. Her sound is inspired by strong female artists such as Amy Winehouse, Melanie Martinez and Billie Eilish. While there is a clear message of strength in the lyricism of her work, an essence of irony is presented through the dark and often sorrowful undertones of the music itself.

Francesca Morris

Francesca Morris is a singer, songwriter and producer from Brighton. Versatile across a range of skills, she is much in demand as a collaborative songwriter. Recent projects include artists Laura Oakes, Kitty and Sfven. In performance, she has been described by Latest TV’s music show ‘Noise Reel’ as having a “heart-melting voice”, taking inspiration from pop artists like Freya Ridings, Birdy and Tom Odell.


Hailed as “the next big thing” by Irish rock legend Christy Dignam of ‘Aslan,’ ‘Hawke’ are a new band formed in March 2019 in Dublin’s south inner city.

Combining their influences (The Verve/Oasis/Arcade Fire) with contemporary sounds, lead singers Richard Power & Eoghan Mac Mahon offer an anthemic flavour of indie/alt-pop.

After recording their first home demos in Richard’s bedroom, they sent the tracks to their London based producers and shortly after recorded their first releases in Abbey road & Metropolis studios in London.

Asher And Friends

A London based singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Asher's music blends down to earth lyrics hailing from a background writing folk songs with upbeat, rhythmic and lively tunes to create a unique R&B/pop vibe. The band Asher and Friends comprises of a four piece band also from London, together they have been honing their live craft around the bars of London.

Never Never Man

Haling from London Town, Never never man bring there brand of Scuzzy noise pop out of the warehouses and to the masses. With a sound reminiscent of classic 60s pop group vocals sat on top of shoegaze guitars and clever drums (picture the Beatles fronting sonic youth) hopefully there is something for ever class and creed to enjoy.
the bands 2nd ep full of city sounds and whimsical story’s of people we know and people we have been throughout our lives and personal story’s. out on catch 21 records 16.4.20.

George Capon

Born-again Mancunian George Capon is a 23-year-old singer-songwriterfrom the Isle of Wight.

After moving north in late 2017, George began making a name for himself in the city’s thriving music scene with his infectious blend of indie rock guitar riffs and ear-worm pop melodies.

Despite only having released two singles, the young singer-guitarist has already found himself with over 120,000 streams online (46,000 on Spotify), being added to several Spotify editorial playlists, including the notorious 'Fresh Finds' playlist and a feature on ITV's 'This Morning'.


Chermaine is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from a small town in Hertfordshire.
Coming from a mixed white, black Caribbean heritage, has heavily influenced her music listening choices and the music she now creates. Growing up on gospel music, being played around her grandparent’s house, and having her mum play 90s R&B on repeat with artists such as TLC, Mary J. Blige, Ashanti and Usher, impacted on her own music and the way she writes her lyrics and the beats that she uses in her productions.


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