OCEANDVST’ s journey begins in the middle of 2017 in Thessaloniki, Greece. They burst onto the scene with their self-released EP called “Escape Rovte” and they started gaining a remarkable fan base from their very beginning. The release of “Escape Rovte” was followed by two music videos and one lyric video which they became unexpectedly popular in a very short time. One of their most notable moments so far is winning the third prize at the Street Mode band contest, one of the biggest rock festivals in their home country.

Doug Jagger

Glasgow based rock band fronted by Doug Jagger
featuring an all star cast of local established musicians.
Lawrence O’Brien on lead guitar, Stefan Celosia on
bass and Darren Spence on drums. With a combined
experience of over 50 years, Doug Jagger lights up the
stage with infectious melodies, catchy choruses and
the most filthy riffs this side of the equator. Influenced
by artists such as Bryan Adams, Van Halen and Blink
182, Doug Jagger gives rock fans a blend of some of
the most famous and popular rock acts of all time.

Black Spring

4 piece Grungepop Band
Formed 2015
Our recent EP is out now on Spotify, SoundCloud and BandCamp.

'Everything I Knew'.

Powerful vocals and melodic guitar work fused with hard rock drums and deep groovy bass lines.

Played shows in Brighton and London through 2016 - 2018.

We have an online presence on Instagram, Facebook and SoundCloud and are aiming to branch out across the UK.


Nightlife is an amalgamation of accomplished musicians who have come together through a mutual desire to achieve the success and recognition they undoubtedly deserve. Their credentials are impossible to ignore, through the success of Paul signing a major record deal a few years back with ‘All or Nothing’, and Will's previous band 'Forever Can Wait' playing Download Festival a few years back. Fingers still ablaze, they relocated to London and fuelled their creative fire with what they learnt from previous endeavours.

Lost Near Blue Ape

Lost Near Blue Ape are a band based in West London. Their life and passion is lived by music and performance. They have played various gigs such the half moon and Rickmansworth festival. And have also been a featured artist on bbc London radio. When they write songs they always try to relate it to something everyone experiences or has experienced; this enhances their listeners to relate to their songs. They have a keen passion for their instruments and wish to build a career out of them.


6 AM Saint are a punk rock band from Cambridge, after recording their first single 'Poppin Indigo', and taking it to the New York scene, they came home and started playing live and getting their music heard. Formed by front man, Nathan Fire Jackson, with the help of childhood friends James Allison and Joe Richardson. 6 AM Saint influences include Green Day, HIM and Ramones, all while drawing in elements of Metallica and Misfits.

The Brouhaha

The Brouhaha is a tasty mashup of hip hop consciousness, raw punk energy and bricked up, funk grooves. Formed in South East London, 2017 this rag-tag and bob-tail bunch of complete rotters quickly armed themselves with a catalogue of hook laden, rough hewn and scatter gunned tunes. As a four-vocal-mayhem led troupe they have quickly taken to anarchic live shows across the UK Come ruckus with the finest purveyors of BrickFunk.


leadmetoland is the solo acoustic project of Luke (S/E London). Recently finishing his first year studying Songwriting at university, he wishes to continue to grow as a songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist. His main influences come from the alternative pop-rock scene, including bands such as Fall Out Boy, All Time Low and As It Is. He combines this style with acoustic instrumentation and some more folk-like influences to create a mixture of both melancholic songs, as well as catchier tunes that are bound to get stuck in your head.


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