Tiger Lion

Immersive Dreampop melodies inspired by landscapes of the subconscious.
Tiger Lion are a (mainly) French trio based in North London, fronted by writer and visual artist, Clementine Blue. Their distilled melodies flourish from St Vincent's asymmetrical purity to Tame Impala's hypnotic riffing intensity and crackle with Throwing Muses' bruised, cardiac fire across organic canvasses inspired by Blake and Turner.


Dog Unit are a four-piece instrumental improv rock band. Do call them: purveyors of entrancing drone, tactile texture, slow-mo polyrhythm and skewiff riff. Don't call them: Dogwai.


Red Skye are a 5-piece alt-rock band from Croydon. They present a combination of the following: wall-of-noise, anthemic choruses, groove-led hooks, songs about trepanation and the collapse of the metropolitan liberal elite, distortion, disillusionment, nihilism, scorn, sardonicism, bitter melodies, introspection, and pseudo-intellectualism. Having formed in 2013 and undergone several incarnations, they are building up to release their debut album later in 2019. https://soundcloud.com/red-skye


North Essex post rock outfit iAlpha - an ethereal shoegaze with elements of trip-hop, subtle twists of rhythm, and intriguing vocals.

Established in 2013 - as friends from college - Joe, Jake, Jack and Frank, spent two years writing, recording and producing their first EP “The Futility of Autonomy” featuring singles “Ragman Roll” and “Cockaigne”, both of which were released online in October 2015.

My Diligence

Active since 2010, the Brussels based band MY DILIGENCE return as a trio in 2019 with their second album “Sun Rose”. After the ep “Who Killed The Driver” (2014), their first “Self-Titled” effort (2015) and a line-up change, the band locked itself away from the audience and came back with the 9 tracks of this “Sun Rose”. Two guitars and a drum kit are the ingredients of what MY DILIGENCE is today.


Encompassing elements of electronica, alternative-rock and experimental melodies, Berlin based EBM duo takes you to the world of Eastern-European melancholy with sounds of irony mixed in a collage of angst and grim vocal soundscapes.

So So Sun

So So Sun are a 5-piece atmospheric, indie-electronic band from South East England. The band is an outlet for them to create songs and ideas outside of the realms of acoustic music whilst retaining the elements they enjoyed - conceptual songwriting, heartfelt melodies and thoughtful, progressive structures. So So Sun’s sound has been compared to the likes of Bonobo, Bon Iver, James Blake, and Explosions in the Sky to name but a few.


Assembled in the beating heart of north-west London, Chillburn NW6, Pynch draw upon a number of influences to create their own lo-fi indie sound.

Deeath Ti Indie

The provocatively named 'Death to Indie' are a devastating 4-piece Punk based band from the North East of England.

With this band the accent is on originality, skilful live performance and the creation of high energy, fast paced, powerful Punk based music. Death to Indie are blazing a trail towards becoming one of the best Punk bands in the UK.

Known as DTI to their fast growing legion of fans, they have 3 E.P’s, alongside music videos, live recordings and debut full length album #you’re it.


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