6 AM Saint are a punk rock band from Cambridge, after recording their first single 'Poppin Indigo', and taking it to the New York scene, they came home and started playing live and getting their music heard. Formed by front man, Nathan Fire Jackson, with the help of childhood friends James Allison and Joe Richardson. 6 AM Saint influences include Green Day, HIM and Ramones, all while drawing in elements of Metallica and Misfits.


"God that's extraordinary! It's got something really special, bursting with energy and life."
(Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music on "Baby Bird")

The Ringards

The Ringards are a new four-piece based in Hackney, London.
It's all still very fresh for them, having only been together as the full line up since March 2018 but in that short time, they've managed to get positive reviews in a number of online music blogs, as well as radio play in multiple countries and the band is starting to fill up bookings for this year.
The melodic post-punk four-piece flirt with new wave influences giving the whole a mixture of classic high energy songs, loud and quiet, with big sing-along choruses.

The Herons

As far as they can remember, William Robin and the brothers Gabriel and Emilio Boutros have always been playing music together. They grew up in the same small village from the South of France lost in-between the forest and the ocean, an imagery that will become an inspiration to their music. In 2017, as they were just settling into their new home of Brixton, like a vision, they caught a glimpse of a strange and out of place bird in the middle of the night, and The Herons were officially born. In spring 2018, they released their first EP, A Trick Of The Light.


Minimals- A powerful indie, post punk four-piece from East London, fronted by Eva Soans, a force of nature in herself. 'Caught on Film' is the band's debut single recorded at Musicland Studios by Ian Flynn from Werkhouse. It captures the band's emotive lyrics, solid bass line, razor-sharp drumming and intricate guitar riffs that weave their way through the song.

The Days Run

The Days Run are an alternative rock four-piece band founded by James Gardiner. Originally from Birmingham, UK, James moved to London and met three musicians with a similar passion for making music with punk roots, but influences ranging from flamenco to hip-hop and jazz. Bassist, Przemi, moved over recently from his home land of Poland, as did guitarist, Alessio, from Italy and drummer, Andres, from Columbia.


Sounding like the musical love-child of Thom Yorke and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, LORNAE is the new project of Lorne Ashley (Stony Browder Jr/Picture Book). This east London four-piece combines jagged guitars and heavy grooves with equal parts ambience and aggression.


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