Chupa Cabra

One generation or another's alienation, derangement and dirty washing, projected back at you through Chupa Cabra's nauseating, salivating, hypnotizing, no good sucker-punch-piss-yourself polystyrene agitator Blues. Imagine the Pixies on the A4 bus, imagine the Addams family band. Think the Fall, Mclusky, Half Man Half Biscuit, Richard Hell and the Cramps all having an argument at the pub.

Dresden Wolves

Dresden Wolves is a mexican post-punk duo from Mexico city., the duo consists of Emmanuel Rapeta Garcia ( Drumms-vocals) and Oscar Manuel López Herrera (Bass). Since the beginning we were focus on one type of music; that was make music with a lot of distortion but also make riffs that make you move like crazy. Despite we are just two, we sound like we are 3 or 4 guys playing like a Lion roaring at your face.

Opus Kink

"[Opus Kink’s set] is a sensory journey – a live show that has to be experienced" - The Green Door Store

"A groove powerhouse" - Sarah Bolshi, Sunday Best Records

"Only a matter of time" - Matt Johnson, The The

"love these tunes" - Rob da Bank,

A six piece groove outfit from the Southeast, comprising punk insensibility and world-influenced rhythms in an irreverent live experience.


Post punk/alternative 4 piece from the across Hampshire with a range of fast and slow numbers influenced by the likes of Pixies, The Smiths, Bowie, Iggy Pop and many more. Some members of the band have played with each other for over 9 years under different names but they released their self titled EP back in September 2018 which is available on all major music streaming platforms as well as iTunes. Spotify link:"

Ewan Whosarmy

Merging conscious, antiestablishment vocals with retro-tech synths and breaks that would rival a fracture clinic; Ewan Whosarmy has thought and fought his way outside the box, as a singer, songwriter and producer to create a fresh, new sound with an old skool feel. Gigging locally around Essex, and with an album released independently on CD; this artist, along with new addition; sound engineer and DJ, Corporal Steve Wonder, has been carving a fresh slice out of the music scene. An innovative and challenging comparison to the industry’s “norm”. Not be missed.


*PICSEL are a noisy alternative grunge-pop four piece from Swansea UK. The band combine the overlapping vocal fun of Weezer, with the raw screw-you punk of Fidlar and anthemic energy of Japandroids. *


Darkly melodic and possessed by an intense, driving urgency, grasshopper’s unique take on pounding post-punk and ethereal goth-wave-bollox has seen them become a musical force to be reckoned with.

Duck Lips

Duck Lips was created to indulge the over-indulged. To boost the egos of autocrats and door mats alike. We want to make a difference by changing absolutely nothing at all, with a value vodka in one hand and a selfie stick in the other. If the kids are united, advertising money will be divided between the interested parties.


"Born from nothing and forever mutating, Hallan is a group of 4 young locals birthed in the sludge of Portsmouth. Truth, honesty and humility come together to create Hallan, combined with the experiences of an emerging adult in the complex and poetic world of the now. Hot off a busy year full of shows and a packed Headline gig in their Hometown, Post-Punk band Hallan are on the verge of taking their sound nationwide. Expect spasmodic guitar, catchy hooks and frustrated poetry spat over a punk beat and dirty bass line."


6 AM Saint are a punk rock band from Cambridge, after recording their first single 'Poppin Indigo', and taking it to the New York scene, they came home and started playing live and getting their music heard. Formed by front man, Nathan Fire Jackson, with the help of childhood friends James Allison and Joe Richardson. 6 AM Saint influences include Green Day, HIM and Ramones, all while drawing in elements of Metallica and Misfits.


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