5 piece band
Harmonic desert
We like to journey into the sounds chosen for each song
We have various influences which blend to form our sound

Magik Moka

Magik Moka born after the experimental-prog band WAP met the singer Jordan and the guitarist Jake; together they started to work on a new multi-influenced project that mixes dynamically elements from Alt-Rock and Indie with the Experimental-Prog background from the previous works.


Kanna is a six piece band from South East London whose sound blends soulful vocals, progressive rhythms and jazz harmony to create a fresh, forward thinking aesthetic. They will be releasing their debut EP in spring 2020.

About Life

Since its conception in late 2018, the About Life quintet has burst onto the experimental jazz scenes in Bristol and Oxford, defying the boundaries between jazz, breakbeat, funk, techno and acrobat but rooted in freedom, improvisation and dance. Made up of uni and school students, some of whom have studied at the Royal Academy of Music, the band are ready to break moulds and melt faces.

Nim Quartet

'NIM QUARTET’ is the project of London based bass player Nim Sadot
Nim has played with some of the top names in the jazz world including Harvey Mason (USA), Marlene (Japan,CBS,SONY), Snow Boy (UK) and Makoto Kuriya (Japan) to name a few !!!
So far he has released two albums, 'Nim Quartet' & 'Nim Quartet II'.

The Long Faces

The Long Faces first developed a love of unusual music whilst at school in Canterbury, soaking up the city’s heritage of progressive rock (Caravan, Soft Machine, Gong) along with contemporary jazz, 60’s psychedelia and choral music. Combining agitated, emotive performance and a modern pop slant, the group has developed a style that both recalls its influences and pursues a path of its own. It is this blend of old and new which can explain the dreamlike sensation at the heart of their sound – surprising yet familiar; abstract and yet relatable.

October Grey

An accumulation of all things ghouly, progressive and jazzy - based in the depths of London, October Grey is a five piece band who's main vision is to create something unique and inspiring. With the operatic, dark vocals and melodic piano playing of Sylis Grey, the virtuosic and intense lead guitar playing of Alex Korr, and the tight trio of the rhythm section (Igor Vieira, Nelson Moreira and Javier Sanchez) holding it all together - October Grey are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

You Break, You Buy

You Break, You Buy are an instrumental rock band based in London, UK, and hailing from Italy, Ireland, Sweden and England. Like most people these days, they met on the Internet, in the Autumn of 2012. After a few dates and some heavy petting a strong musical bond was be formed. With 2 well received EP’s under their belts, they are currently hard at work on new material!

Enemies, American Football, The Redneck Manifesto

Bubblegum Hypnosis

Bubblegum Hypnosis seamlessly blend antithetical genres from prog rock to psych pop into one journey of a live performance, showcasing variety, energy and excellent musicianship. This is represented also in their studio releases, tackling different concepts, styles and genres with each release.


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