Earthsea are an alternative rock band from London (via Cheshire and Shropshire) and are old friends. They write songs that contain textural soundscapes, salsa grooves and haunting melodies. They take influences from Japan, Radiohead, NIN, 80s electronica and a whole host of contemporary gems.

They've embarked on two nationwide tours and have played at venues such as Camden Assembly, Hoxton Bar and Grill, the Cavern Club and Manchester Academy 3. They have also been featured on XFM, BBC Introducing, The Manchester Evening News and Tom Robinson's 'Fresh on the Net'.


- Five accomplished rock musicians
- Impressive, energetic live shows
- Emotionally driven melodic rock
Started by Lead singer/guitarist Simon Denzley, Denzeity is a diverse band who've been impressing audiences and venue owners with their tight, energetic live shows and refreshingly catchy songs.


GRICE (M. C. G. Peters) was born in Wimbledon and grew up in South London. He started his early musical life as a percussionist and vocalist, and later on as a singer/guitarist/drummer at Croydon Art College where he began as an early ‘90s arty Britpopper writing original material with the band Laugh Like A Madman, inspired by early Bolan/Bowie/Japan/Bauhaus/Siouxsie Sioux recordings.

Left eye perspective

Formed in 2004, Left Eye Perspective is a progressive metal band from Ghent, Belgium. Boiling down elements of progressive metal and stoner rock, with flashes of rock and grunge music, their sound encompasses heavy riffing, proggy melodies and grungy vocals. The lyrics often refer to the infinity of space, desolate plains and immutable time as metaphors for melancholia, solitude and defiance. Their first release, in 2017, was a single called The Wanderer, a 7min rollercoaster of riffage. In 2019 the EP DEFIANCE is released by Dust&Bones Records.

Concrete Armbands

Despite having been active for less than a year, this Sheffield-based alternative rock quartet are already making waves in the Sheffield gigging scene due to their unique blend of sounds and tight live performances.
Taking inspiration from artists as diverse as Muse, Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood and Frightened Rabbit, their music is as engaging as it is unpredictable.
Having released their debut single "The Brink" earlier this year, they are planning on returning to the live scene in time for the release of their second single "... Like Russian Dolls".


Combining intricate riffs and furious rhythms with anthemic, cascading vocals, LestWeForget’s unique brand of progressive metal synthesises those two most disparate of things - the complex and the catchy.

The band’s innovative sound derives from juxtaposition. This exists in the dialogue between JH Norris’s vocals and Harry Lingard-Bright’s soaring lead lines, and in the connection between Paul Heavey’s driving guitar riffs and Dec Doran’s fierce percussive cadences.


Storylande are a female fronted Progressive Rock outfit with two studio albums behind them.
Storylande released their debut album ‘Fragmented’ in 2016 and after a line up change, the band set to work on their 2nd studio album ‘Diffraction’. The Album was released in September 2017. The band are now earning their stripes and dead set on their music reaching the world stage. Storylande’s sound is both atmospheric and mysterious and can transport you into an olde world era where you can almost imagine you are in ancient Britain.

Black Cart

Black Cart re-formed in 2016 after over 35 years. We got together as we all knew we had so much more to give in our music. Since then we have been writing new material and producing the latest songs. We have a grounding in rock influenced by the legends of Pink Floyd, Genesis whilst sucking up the influences of more modern rock artists to give our music a more contemporary feel, unique style in some of our accapello sections whilst maintaining UK rock traditions. A unique sound. Our first single is due to go out in May this year following an extensive media campaign due to begin in March.


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