Doris Brendel

Doris Brendel is one of the most accomplished and exciting live singers on the scene. Apart from first-class musicianship, she puts on incredibly visual shows, with outlandish steam-punk costumes and even laser gloves!


The warm sands of Morocco meet the Seattle drizzle and deliver their original Progressive Alternative Rock mixture in sound waves. The project was started in Rabat in 2017 by Alexandre Tartiere (rhythm guitar & vocals), soon joined by Neyl Nejjai on lead guitar. After recording their first EP “Innonsense & Other Songs” the duo moved to London where they met Mark Ellis (drums) and Daniele Ortenzi (bass). And they lived happier ever after.

Across The Sea

Across The Sea sound unlike any act you’ve heard before. Built around the hauntingly powerful voice of Hannah Katy Lewis, and the unorthodox, adventurous guitar approach of Pete Ferguson, their unique, genre-bending sound is wildly eclectic, fiercely inventive, and singularly distinctive. The duo have gained a reputation as a captivating and affecting live act, performing aboard HMS Warrior, and as a showcase act at Camden’s Dublin Castle. In August 2018, the pair supported Nizlopi’s Luke Concannon at the Arundel date of his UK tour.

That Joe Payne

Singer-songwriter That Joe Payne is a classically trained vocalist, known for his impressive 5 octave range. Now a solo artist, other projects have included The Enid (2011-2016), Methexis (2015), and more recently John Holden and Zio (both 2018-present).

With various collectives he has received 3 Progressive Music Award nominations, including Best Band, Best Album, and Best Event. His personal achievements include being voted Best Male Vocalist for two years running (2014 & 2015) in the Prog Magazine Readers’ Poll.

Kim Seviour

Kim Seviour is a folk/pop/rock singer who fronted progressive rock band Touchstone from 2007-2015.

Touchstone had two studio albums entering the top 40 UK rock album charts. Kim has also been a regular fixture in Classic Rock Prog's and Classic Rock Society's top 10 female vocalists.

After leaving the band owing to health issues, Kim released the album “Recovery is Learning”, spreading awareness of the illness ME/CFS and mental health issues, stating hope can be found in life through seemingly hopeless circumstances.

Glass Mantra

We are a 4-piece Progressive Rock band from northwest London that bring the old and the new together into a unique offering for the listeners. Our songs are energetic and push the boundaries of conventional songwriting. Formed in 2017, we recently finalised our line-up and started recording our debut album.


Instagram: @glassmantraband

Twitter: @glassmantra


Kongg started life in the bedroom of composer Henry Mitton. Taking inspiration from Radiohead and Grizzly Bear and everything in between, he began writing songs at his piano. After releasing a home-recorded debut EP, the band have been playing on the London circuit for 6 months. Piano takes centre stage as they fuse a mixture of rich harmonies, unrelenting grooves and wailing vocal melodies in pursuit of a complex but accessible art-rock aesthetic.


Ailen (pronounced “i-len”) is a Portuguese alternative / progressive rock singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Mainly inspired by the likes of Queen, Muse, Steven Wilson and more, her album Colibri (Hummingbird) was released under the name Liane and focused on the socio-political and economic Portuguese reality. Ailen is now developing her second studio work, further delving into the progressive rock genre.

For more information and to hear the music, go to

Mystical State

Mystical State Project began in March 2017, soon after Cristiano Pucci release his first album, "Rock, Flower and Ice". At the time, promotion was crucial, thus giving birth to The Mystical State project, lending its name from the album’s first title track "Mystical State".During his first week on the lookout for potential band members, Cristiano met Frank Marin a fellow singer,guitarist,producer and manager of the yard BAR in SOHO.


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