Heartworms is a South London based alternative rock band, Jojo (vocals/guitar) Gian (guitar) Charlie (drums) Ollie (bass) James (synth). With infusions of punk and dream pop, dreamy to daring vocals and contagous melodies, Heartworms takes infleunce from Wolf Alice, Alvvays, Jeff Buckley, Pixies and Black Honey in a new approach. They have some demos out on soundcloud and are in the process of wiritng their first ever EP.

Ollie Trevers

Classic rock meets singer songwriter, Orpheus reborn and reformed, with no one musician quite similar enough to. Ollie Trevers has been preforming longer than hes been shaving, and now with his band, in a solo project, he is exploring the depths of his own individual sound.

With influences like Queen, Jeff Buckley, The Clash, Ella Fitzgerald and Edith Piaf the new sound Ollie is making will take your breath away, with there EP being played at every gig coming up to the imminent release date.

Apeman Spaceman

Apeman Spaceman make a schizophrenic, darkly explosive kind of alt punk-rock. Guttural reflections on a modern world gone wrong and what it’s like to be in it, starring a bloodied cast of conflicted characters – from an agoraphobic girl lost in a teacake in the Co-Op, to a sci-fi Romeo orbiting space in a rehab unit, all set against a world plummeting towards civil war and self invasion from plastic bottles.

They are Johnny Cooke and Rikki Mehta, (both from ex-naughties punk band 'Dogs'), Alexi Christou and Ethan Kennedy.

Slender Pins

What is a slender pin? Choose to Google slender pin and you’ll be confronted by photos of either coffee tables or female models baring their long naked legs. Slender Pins situate themselves within these juxtapositions: mondaine and extraordinary, but practical yet promiscuous.

Jimmy B and The Death Rattles

Jimmy B and the Death Rattles were formed late 2017. Over the last year we have dedicated most of our time to the studio recording our debut album 'Porno Taught Me How To Love'.
We are an eclectic blend of art rock/ glam and punk. Drawing from influences from the likes of David Bowie, The Buzzcocks, Alice Cooper and Nick Cave.


Kahuna are an explosive ska punk six piece formed in 2016 in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The band provide a fresh take on the familiar ska punk sound, combining upbeat infectious ska rhythms with playful, catchy melodies and an unrelenting DIY punk rock ethos. Drawing influence from a diverse range of bands from Sublime and Streetlight Manifesto to Less Than Jake and Neck Deep.

Faux Pas

Faux Pas will claw their way into your every waking thought and make you beg for more. Taking influence from the Riot Grrrl movement; along with bands like Placebo, they have brought their own twisted brand of Indie Punk to Reading and Leeds, Kendal Calling and BBC Radio 1. Championed by BBC Introducing, it’s no surprise they’re gaining a reputation for their explosive live performances, mixing grunge gloom with lo-fi, punk anthems of protest. They set a high energy of volume and stage presence.


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