Recently announced as one of BBC Introducing West Yorkshire’s ‘Ones to Watch 2019’, Fudge. are the catalyst between you and a good time. Best described as “Quirky Hard Rock...not in anyway tame” (BBC Introducing Lincolnshire), be ready to wrap your ears around funky verses and a riot of stomping riffs that will have you moshing in your kitchen. Running things from Leeds, Fudge. aim to push the name and what they’ve got to say around the country.

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Sinead O'Brien

Sinead O’Brien is an Irish Poet and performer based in London. She has landed herself with some milestone shows less than one year since her first performance. She appeared as the opening act for a sold out Brian Jonestown Massacre show in Brighton in October, and was taken on tour by John Cooper Clarke last year.
Her debut EP 'A List of Normal Sins' has been premiered by Dazed and Confused.
Tom Robinson (BBC 6 music) described the title track as 'Deliciously off kilter' and featured it on his BBC radio 6 Mixtape.

Chupa Cabra

One generation or another's alienation, derangement and dirty washing, projected back at you through Chupa Cabra's nauseating, salivating, hypnotizing, no good sucker-punch-piss-yourself polystyrene agitator Blues. Imagine the Pixies on the A4 bus, imagine the Addams family band. Think the Fall, Mclusky, Half Man Half Biscuit, Richard Hell and the Cramps all having an argument at the pub.

The Rambling Club

The Rambling Club are a four piece Indie band formed in Southampton in 2018. As a band we have an eclectic music task, taking many musical influences such as New Wave and Punk in our music. We aim to make our shows energetic and fast paced while maintaining a safe space for audiences to experience new music. We are currently in the studio recording our first EP that we aim to release independently, which we are aiming to tour around the country around the summer of 2019.

Dresden Wolves

Dresden Wolves is a mexican post-punk duo from Mexico city., the duo consists of Emmanuel Rapeta Garcia ( Drumms-vocals) and Oscar Manuel López Herrera (Bass). Since the beginning we were focus on one type of music; that was make music with a lot of distortion but also make riffs that make you move like crazy. Despite we are just two, we sound like we are 3 or 4 guys playing like a Lion roaring at your face.


Blithe are a five piece, indie-punk band hailing from the waterfront city of Portsmouth, England. They bring strong and catchy guitars, thumping bass, grooving drum rhythms and powerful vocals all together to make a massive wall of sound. Blithe champion their own phrase “chaos and parties” to make clear their attitudes and the atmospheres for live performances. They liken their style of music to a range of bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Oasis and have some similarities to Royal Blood.


Glossii, hailed by DIY Magazine as “full of raw, gritty, punk-infused indie-rock" which "barely lets up in energy”, is a four-piece post-punk band created around South London in early 2017 by Charlie Lock and Guitarist Lewis Smith, along with vocalist Sofia Zanghirella and latest joining member, drummer Reuben Rost.

Glossii's hard-hitting riffs and bursts of aggression create the ubiquitous back-beat for Sofia’s femme-fatale lyrical insight- reminiscent of other bands such as Wolf Alice and Garbage with a detection and a nod to the original allure of Blondie.


VanityAct have always been a product of a variety of burgeoning London music scenes. The band started in 2015 in a bedroom in Hackney, with the main goal of being equal parts jazz, soul and punk, and went on to scavenge inspiration from the rich and diverse music of East London's local bars and pubs. Originally flying under the moniker of "Bubblegum", the band decided to start recordidng an album before playing any shows, to curb the limitations of a live setting.

The Green Brothers

Three piece Indie/Punk band from Cambridge. Consisting of brothers Albert (Vocals/Guitar) and George Greenhalgh (Drums) alongside Chaz Pitt (Bass). They have been regularly gigging the London/Essex/Cambridge music scene. Fusing together aggressive riffs and swaggering vocals with offensive drum fills and driving basslines.


Darkly melodic and possessed by an intense, driving urgency, grasshopper’s unique take on pounding post-punk and ethereal goth-wave-bollox has seen them become a musical force to be reckoned with.


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