Jon Crabb

At the age of 11, I heard Elvis Presley for the first time, he inspired me and I just loved his voice, energy and entertainment he gave to audiences. When I was 15 I got my first ever acoustic guitar and then after started playing in various sorts of groups.


Like a support group for recent divorcees, the members of Buds. found each other following the demise of their former bands. After a couple local shows playing some thrown together reworked unused songs, they decided to record an EP with their old friend Tom Hill. Combining Punk energy with anthemic sing along songs, skinny jeans and flannel shirts the band proudly show their love for the punk grunge and emo bands of the scene whilst adding their own voice into the mix.

The Limits

Having been through various iterations, The Limits settled on their four man lineup in 2017, and have since made a name for themselves with their rowdy live sets and enthusiastic audiences. Looking at garage rock through a Ray Davies-esque glass, they combine witty lyrics with driving beats and are sure to cause a commotion.


Spring.Fall.Sea is a high energy rock format which marries
melodic post-hardcore, explosive post-rock, heavy pop and electronic music. Based in London, it is a shape comprised of Marvin Menz (guitar), Dylan Percy (drums) and Alex Ekong (vocals).

Petrol Boys

Petrol Boys are an upcoming young Punk band from the Cambridgeshire area. They have just released their self titles debut EP. They recently played a sold out headline gig in celebration of the recent EP at VooDoo Lounge in Stamford. They have a reputation in the area of having the most energetic live shows in the local scene. Gaining praise and attention from bands old and young such as WonkUnit, LadyBird and Slaves.


Hailing from Brighton, Hurling are a 3 piece post-punk group. They have been together since they were 12, growing together under the influence of The Clash, Orange Juice and Josef K. They are now 20. Having toured this summer, headlining gigs in cities such as Brighton, Manchester and Bristol.


WAIT are a 2-piece indie-punk band from Basingstoke and Alresford who write and perform their own songs – Spencer Carroll: vocals and electric guitar, Josh Fletcher on drums. They formed the band 5 years ago while at school and although both lads are only 17 they have already played festivals including Blissfields, Alresford Music Festival and B-Love where they opened for Reef on the main stage. They recently opened for the Brand New Heavies at Weyfest 2019, after winning the Battle Of The Bands.


Queensway are an up and coming band hailing from all over London. They have a unique blend of Indie
rock and punk edged music, describing themselves as ‘energetic, rebellious and a little bit reckless’. Their
debut single ‘Queensway’ is released May 10th 2019 and brings with it a refreshing sound to the London
music scene, whilst still being reminiscent of iconic English bands including The Clash and The Buzzcocks


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