Lost Near Blue Ape

Lost Near Blue Ape are a band based in West London. Their life and passion is lived by music and performance. They have played various gigs such the half moon and Rickmansworth festival. And have also been a featured artist on bbc London radio. When they write songs they always try to relate it to something everyone experiences or has experienced; this enhances their listeners to relate to their songs. They have a keen passion for their instruments and wish to build a career out of them.

Jack Vagabond

Jack Vagabond is your favourite sh** friend of a friend's skate punk band, who is actually just one bloke with his guitar playing punk songs anywhere and everywhere. "Not terrible" - man standing at a bar. "I've seen worse" - Recently divorced woman. "he looks older than 26" Loud mouth teenager.

The Kanz

THE KANZ is an all-original 4 piece band based in London founded in November 2017. specialized in amazing rock shows with alternative punk rock songs, deep emotional tunes and party vibes. the Kanz' s music combines the alternative punk rock style of the new century influenced by electronic music with synth and special effects. - musical influences are Linkin Park, Green Day, Muse and many other artists of the new punk - digital rock music era. The singer/songwriter Fabio Nania and Keyboardist/Synth Player Duncan Mc Taggart are the main founders of the project.


NERVES are a four piece rock/ punk outfit from South London. Forming at the back end of 2017 and taking inspiration from bands like Rage Against the Machine, IDLES, Drenge and Nirvana their music is packed with eerie tones and powerful rhythm. Expect a live set full of energy and adrenaline. Their debut EP 'Put A Plaster On It' is due for release across all major platforms on 12th October.

Simon Garrard

Simon Garrard is a singer/songwriter from London. His music borrows from the passion and velocity of punk and the excoriating honesty of folk. His live shows are intense and bursting with infectious energy, urgency and the joy of playing music. He'll play to anyone who'll listen, whenever he can.

Para Fiction

Such is the electric magic of James and Jambo, two incendiary emerging talents making the kind of Beastie Boys white hip-hop you thought wasn’t possible anymore. Meeting two years ago in Brighton at the drum and bass night “SASAS”, James “went outside to go and roll a zoot on the beach when I came across a wild Jules, who was zoning out. I asked him if he had some baccy and we started talking. Turns out we both rated the same kind of music.”

The New Heat

The New Heat is a four-piece Indie / Punk Rock outfit based in London, UK. With melodic leads, memorable lyrics, and a vein of soulful punk rock running deep through their music, The New Heat play catchy songs about desperate loners. Their energetic and unpredictable live shows are bristling with sweet moves and sweeter songs.

The New Heat recently released their debut EP, 'We Said Our Prayers', which is available via all digital platforms.

See you at the show.

Dissident Prophet

Birmingham new wave/ apocalyptic punkers Dissident Prophet formed and got signed after their second gig back in 1993 although at the time they had no name. They received honours as Kerrang's best newcomers of 1994. Since then they've produced six albums with influences ranging from Lou Reed, Crowded House, The Stooges, Talking Heads, Bowie and 70's band Lamb. The DP's have a unique sound interwoven with liberal amounts of folk, rockabilly and punk. Their latest album Strange Days has just recently been released.

The Hidden

The Hidden are a 3 members alternative rock band formed by lead singer and guitarist Stevoo, Matt, bassist and Luke, Drummer.
Inspired by punk rock, rock'n'roll and grunge, during the years they recorded a few Eps: Samsara (Which was also the first name the band ever had), The Noise, The Way We Don't Do It and Outsider, showing a particular taste in experimenting new sounds.
In June 2017 in London, Soho, they've been recording two of many upcoming new songs: "Drives Me Mad" and "Stop Saying Sorry", which you can find on digital platforms. 


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