Aldo Couceiro is an Argentinian born and raised musician, based in London. Around August 2017, after working for a year and a half as a session guitar player for some bands of the London scene, he decided to start his own project called NÓMADE. It's an instrumental trio (guitar, bass and drums) that plays a fusion of Funk, Afrobeat, Reggae/Dub and Latin. The main concept of the band is built up around improvisation and the generation of a dancing mood. He was joined in this adventure by Matteo Grassi (Italy) on Bass and Yoann Julliard (France) on Drums.

White Cheese

The Band's Story
“White Cheese” is a mid 70’s-80’s New Wave–Reggae-Rock band from Istanbul.
The songs in our recently released album, the only album in forty years, cover a long time span. Since we started in 1975 all the way up to 2015, some “changes” happened in the world! When we first heard Bowie’s “1984” it seemed so far away!

Darien Prophecy & The Innerheart Band

A UK reggae artist, born in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica, Clive Darien aka Darien Prophecy, was no stranger to music. As a child growing up in the Methodist Church, Darien started singing Sunday school Christmas plays at six years old, and went on to join the children's youth choir at ten. It was here that he developed his vocal talents, performing all over Jamaica in Gospel concerts.

TTM Collective

TTM Collective Band has a wealth of experience within the live entertainment sector. With the imminent release (May 2017) of their debut EP "Inspirational Love Songs" GLR Records, featuring some of the UK & USA finest vocalists, including Mobo award winner & 2 times Premier Gospel Radio Best female 2016 & 17 Lurine Cato, David Copeland having featured with some of the best international artists & singers, Frederica Tibbs Reggae's velvet voice with many hits behind her.

Buzzy Lao

Guitarist and songwriter, La Stampa has defined Buzzy Lao as a latest generation bluesman“. His roots are the rhythm of Blues and Reggaecombined with the intimate sound and depth of Italian songwriters.

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