Trapfield Tribe

Introduce yourself to one the most exciting acts to emerge onto the UK Rap scene since Stormzy. Mix together the bass from trap music, the hype from grime and the dance vibe from house music and you get Trapfield Tribe.

"It’s an effortless flow and great team work as the vocal duties on that track are shared out equally between all three members. Great Tracks!" - Tom Robinson, BBC Radio.

Kads Alone

Kads Alone, wouldn’t want to be cliche by saying he’s versatile. Kads mixes humour along with real life events in his music. We wouldn’t want to box him into one genre. During shows and on social media Kads is well receipted for his music and likeable personality. Kads was raised in Kent and now lives in south London. During Kads’ career he has had the opportunity of having his music played on BBC 1xtra. Furthermore Kads was playlisted on pulse88 radio and played on reprezent & radar radio.


MEGAMiKES (Born 2nd May 1995), Known as Michael Bangura to his friends and family is a self taught rapper hailing from Clapham South (South West London)

MEGAMiKES Places himself quietly in between some of the industry most powerful wordsmiths and lyrical heavyweights. MEGAMiKES brings a different subject matter in terms of his music, he carries a "I'll say what I want, as long as it sounds cool" attitude towards his music.

Mixed Opinions

Mixed Opinins are a group of part-time maniacs that share one love... Procrastination.
When They dont hate themselves, they love to be creative and play simple tunes that make the people move. They don't embelish the present music scene and they love the old school tunes from Led Zeppelin to RATM and embrace newer bands like Artic Monkeys and The Hives, who inspire them too.
Simple Riffs give shape and a platform to lyrics that talk about a society that only wants to celebrate two and individualism.


FireFarm fuses futuristic sound design and underground rave production with massive riffs, heavy guitars and hard hitting vocals. For the last decade they have been cutting their teeth at festivals and underground parties across the UK and internationally with their Breakspoll award nominated live show.

Comprising of founder and producer Alex McDougall, co-pilot and guitarist Stewart Colley and fronted by the feisty and unique vocals of performing and songwriting veteran Laura Jenkins.


Since 2010 the Brass-a-holics have been taking their music around the world. Based in New Orleans the band brings a heavy dose of traditional jazz fused with funk and a new wave pop sound. The polished sound is able to entertain all ages yet remaining current. The BRASS-A-HOLICS transcend what fun and music is at a live performance.

Kray-z Legz

Kray-z Legz is an independant rap artist with over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone, he has worked with producer anno domini who has produced for the likes of Eminem, Wu tang clan, Usher and many more superstars, also Legz has collaborated with uk rap star Benny Banks and Jman and Laid Blaks DJ Bunjy.


M-eye is an international act born in 2014 from Ukranian/Italian Marianna Occhiuzzi who moved to London in 2012 to find her path. She’s influenced by different music generes. She worked alongside with english born jamaican dj/prducers who mix carribean raggae,electronic/dub, garage and uk hiphop/grime.
She Is also currently working in community studios founded by Skepta & Levi’s.
She took part in various shows, competitions and open mics, like Open Mic Uk in 2018 in which she earned a place for herself to the Regional Finals.

One Line to an Angle

Today’s musicians are so imbued with decades of influences that the art they produce is often hard to classify, and become harder by the day. R&B and rap have always held hands throughout the ’80s and ’90s, but in the increasingly technological age, a more industrial, techno and electronic sound has started to creep into hip-hop. The worlds of hip-hop and electronic music have coexisted on similar planes for years. Whether you talk about the art of tearing up clubs, or driving youth culture, electronic music and hip-hop often trade places as the top driver of youth trends.


I am an 18 year old artist from North London. I grew up inc are homes in Camden and being brought up in a sometimes unstable environment gave me emotions and feelings that I never thought I would explore through music. My music varies through my happy all the way to my sad and angry days. I don't stick to one genre because one genre is not me, I am a billion different sounds and that's what makes me a unique artist. I take influences from many artists such as Eminem and other rap musicians but I strive to produce my own sound which reflects all that I have learnt growing up in London.


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