Sir Apollo

Sir Apollo are a group of musicians brought together by the love of moving the masses through the medium of sound. As eclectic a group as you will meet, they have been performing with other projects for 4 years until last year when they discovered their musical connection. Sir Apollo embody the current urban music scene in London, whilst also bringing in their classic rock influences.

Sam Stock

Sam Stock Sharp, straight talking lyrics mixed with soulful singing is the life blood of Sam Stock. Sam is a singer, rapper and song writer all wrapped in one, drawing on influences from every genre to produce an end product that can be appreciated and enjoyed by all. Working closely alongside 'Written Warning Productions' Sam has created a war chest of commercial radio playable songs without loosing any integrity or truth that makes it a pleasure to listen to this artist tell it how it really is.


PROJEKT are a two piece Electronic drum and bass rap band based in North West London. With lead vocalist and synth player Oliver and drummer Roberto, together formed this energetic and impacting band which shatters mainstream music out the window. Brutally honest lyrics along side electronic melodies and drum and bass patterns, this combination is earth shattering, battering content that you wont want to miss.

Mr ShaoDow

Mr ShaoDow Mr ShaoDow is the very definition of a DiY Artist. Trained in Shaolin Kung Fu in China he now travels the entire UK selling his CDs, performing and promoting his music. He has been from Bournemouth to Scotland, sold over 7,500 copies of his CD's on his own and organically built a formidable fan base as a result. A multi-genre artist, ShaoDow is known for his intelligent, witty, often razor sharp lyricism.

Kings Of The City

As they were on the brink of achieving mainstream recognition, London based music collective KINGS OF THE CITY were struck by tragedy when their lead singer and key songwriter Danny Wilder was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.
Determined to continue doing what came so naturally to him, despite his illness, Danny carried on writing and recording music with KINGS OF THE CITY, managing to complete an entire album’s worth of material before he became physically unable to visit the studio or even pick up a guitar.


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