MEE is a London based grime/ rapper who captures the roughness of his up bringing in the streets of London. MEE mentions a lot about his trials and tribulations and his persistence and progression which has lead him to where he is now. MEE has collaborated and written for several different artists and producers.

Masta T

' I'm just a young artist based in Stevenage (Hertfordshire).Over the few years i've been getting alot of supporters supporting my music which makes me more determined to do anything that I put my mind on.Currently working on an E.P Which should be out very soon, Which hopefully does well for an unsigned artist. I'm not in it for the money, Musics what makes me and the main thing is to make my family proud and make a success of my life.'

King Jelz

Since I was a young boy had a dream I could fly, had a dream in my eyes now I realise. Now I realise greatness, please give the faith to succeed I need patience - DFG Baby UK Zambian artist King Jelz has an infectious and unique zeal for music and devout compassion for people. In a world where street riots, terrorism and general unrest haunt us each day the talented rapper chooses to look at things from a positive alternative clearly spoken out from his sculptured lyrics full of his real life journeys, hope and healing.


Hyphen had an usual start in rap music - he worked in finance. Depressed and feeling a lack of purpose, Hyphen was looking for a way to express himself. His new found love of rap music helped deal with depression and found a new sense of purpose.

Uniquely in the world of rap, Hyphen performs alongside a 6-piece Jazz band. His performances caught the eye of BBC Introducing, who selected Hyphen to perform at Reading and Leeds Festival this year. He has also taken the stage at legendary venues such as Ronnie Scott's.


Anehka is a multifaceted Singer, Songwriter and Composer from Hamburg, Germany who lives in London. She tells the story of the ‘pain of love’ through her powerful lyrics and meek but soulful voice. Her debut single Overthinking delves deep into the process of love and self-discovery. Her colourful debut album ‘Planet Orange‘ takes you on a Neo Soul/RnB Pop/New Wave Hip Hop adventure around the galaxies of her mind.‘Planet Orange’ works its way through an overflowing emotional chaos, which in all its ups and downs touches influences from Kelvyn Colt to Mereba to the Swedish pop icons Abba.

August Twelfth

Born August 12th 1994 in south London, contemporary R&B singer-songwriter and producer, August Twelfth spent his younger years learning multiple instruments while discovering his passion and love for music. Under a previous alias, August was releasing music as a rapper and making beats for other artists. Encouraged to trade rapping for singing, August first began releasing brand new material as a singer in 2014. 


Chancelvy Lomeka , is a dynamic, multi genre, musician, producer, artist, songwriter and mixing engineer. Chancelvy creates new and also fuses multiple genres in all instrumentals and original songs that he creates.

Danny Sanchez

Danny Sanchez is a young singer/rapper from South London. His music is a reflection of the trials and tribulations of everyday life and the struggles of keeping up with everything around us. His harsh rap combined with his soulful vocals allows Danny to explore many different genres and creates an ambient sound. His hispanic background mean that Danny can incorporate Spanish into his songwriting and his roots are definitely reflected in his music. Currently working on his first major release, Danny Sanchez' has a lot of new music on the way and is a young talent on the rise.


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