For The Hornets

What really sets these guys apart from other acts is their energetic live shows. Following the release of their first EP, they hit the road up and down the UK playing ‘a month of gigs’. Their on-stage (and off-stage) antics leave audience members scared to leave mid-song for fear of having to pass a dancing band member on their way out. You’d be forgiven for thinking that some sort of rock-Olympics were in progress with band members jumping off amps, pounding drums, and full speed guitar solos.


Grezzer is a British Hip Hop artist from Herne Hill. Grezzer has a huge passion for Hip Hop music and has a uplifting presence on stage.


Crafted by himself, Mayday hails from Birmingham. Taking inspiration from garage mixes his mother use to play in his early years and infusing them with a love of international music on a wider scale, the 0121 native is set to bring his playful storytelling music to the world. The self-proclaimed ‘Kingstanding Captain’ is one of the most exciting prospects from the West Midlands to emerge in recent times. Mayday is slowly carving out his own lane in the grime scene, one that is inspired by many but not easily imitated.


Incorporating the electrifying and explosive nature of a true hedonist on a pleasure trip, Madcap is a Bristol based Hip Hop MC whose lyrics of thrill seeking and adrenaline highs soar over punchy, bass-lead beats and hard rock riffs.

Having recently released his debut 6 track EP, Madcap is now building the buzz of its release by taking his high energy show to the stage with his 5-piece live band. His 1 minute live show promo video can be seen here:

Code: Marla

The Code: Marla sound stretches from dubstep through trap, hip hop and rock, but always woven together with live instrumentalism, popping vocals, harmonies and bass. 2018 saw the release of a new EP: “Origin Story”. This is the fifth release by Code: Marla on Bitnormal Records and is the first featuring the brand new lineup of Billy Logan aka The Impossible Man (vocals), CJ Thorpe (bass, beats and synth), and Fraser Hall (guitar).


I was born in Hackney, East London and brought up listening to my father’s love of soul music, it was soon very clear that I was about to start a self-awakening journey into the music industry at a young age. With my Dad, Tony T being a member of the successful 90’s group ‘Benz’ and then ‘Phats & Small’, music and singing runs through my blood and I was introduced to professional recording at just 13.
Influenced by the likes of Chris Brown, Stormzy, Frank Ocean and Krept & Konan, I feel my musical journey is becoming one of self-discovery and innovation.


Jabz is a young and very talented artist from Abbey wood, Southeast London he has been doing music since the age of 12 but has only took it seriously In the past 3 years. He has been building his name on the grime radio circuit and has reached stations such as Rinse Fm & Reprezent radio and has also had music played on the prestigious BBC radio 1 so the hard work is evident, from the small time underground Internet radio stations very far from home and very late at night to plays on the BBC radio 1 the work has been none stop and will not stop here.

Ben Hunter

Born and raised in Barnstaple, North Devon, Ben Hunter is a solo artist inspired to empower the next generation. Growing up in a rural seaside town, the oldest of three brothers, Ben spent his teen years experimenting with music in the search for an identity. Throughout these years he, like many adolescents, ended up in some very unsavoury positions. He has spent the best part of his 20’s developing himself, his music and using the experiences that shaped him to help others who may have similar issues.


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