Jabz is a young and very talented artist from Abbey wood, Southeast London he has been doing music since the age of 12 but has only took it seriously In the past 3 years. He has been building his name on the grime radio circuit and has reached stations such as Rinse Fm & Reprezent radio and has also had music played on the prestigious BBC radio 1 so the hard work is evident, from the small time underground Internet radio stations very far from home and very late at night to plays on the BBC radio 1 the work has been none stop and will not stop here.

Ben Hunter

Born and raised in Barnstaple, North Devon, Ben Hunter is a solo artist inspired to empower the next generation. Growing up in a rural seaside town, the oldest of three brothers, Ben spent his teen years experimenting with music in the search for an identity. Throughout these years he, like many adolescents, ended up in some very unsavoury positions. He has spent the best part of his 20’s developing himself, his music and using the experiences that shaped him to help others who may have similar issues.

King Yash

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started in music school at age 9 to make long story short in 2005 i got the spiritual calling awakening to make music 2007 until now have been show casing My Gift To Others


Crazed is a rapper from County Galway in the west of Ireland. His music is a hybrid of genres, with
Hip-Hop as its root. With his backing band, he raps over sounds from Pop to Metal. The lyrical
content ranges from parodying life in Galway to the Book of Revelation, setting himself apart from
your average Irish rapper. Crazed’s sound is influenced by artists including Eminem, Xzibit, LL Cool J
and mixes it with Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed and ACDC. This strange mix of artists helped him
create his own style.


South Londons' artist & producer Eight9FLY is one of UK’s most exciting prospects! Eight9FLY, real name Emmanuel Isong, comes from Forest Hill, South East London. A unique blend of lyricism and melodic delivery forms the basis of his original sound. An artist not bound by convention. Finding inspiration in anything from classic R&B and Hip-Hop to Grime, Eight9FLY consistently showcases both his versatility and ability as an artist in finessing these varied musical styles.


Blending a range of styles from old school Blues to modern day Hip Hop, Ellwood-Leo's performance goes from rap to soulful melodies. He himself is a mix of Canadian and British origins, born in Avignon and grown up in France then Switzerland. He currently lives in London UK, where he pursues his passion for music as a solo act and producer.


JH is  a UKG/Grime artist based in London. His music is a mix of contemporary UKG & Urban Grime. With catchy hooks, fast flow and edgy lyrics, JH's songs are memorable.

Not only does he perform regularly across the country, performing at festivals, clubs & music venues, he also studies music. JH has won competitions, performed on stage alongside artists such as Alesha Dixon & Mutya Buena and was a finalist in the UK competition 'Open Mic UK'. 

Scars of Protest

Formed in 2014 and hailing from Southampton, Scars of Protest bring their unique flavour to Rap Metal. Fusing emotive lyrics, catchy riffs and deep grooves; the band drag Nu Metal kicking and screaming into 2018.


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