The Rhetoriks

The Rhetoriks are an Electronic Dance/Urban music recording artists made up of Scottish songstress Elle & London born rapper Jay. They formed in late 2013 after a call for collaborators was put out on Twitter, through BBC 1xtra DJ Target's hashtag 'Targets Notice Board' and found that they were featured on the same track through a mutual acquaintance.

Unorthodox Kings

Ive had a deep and different understanding of music, which was that the lyrics made songs everything, so I was inspired by the way the words was used during a track.
Now my inspiration musically, are within music that have good messages, inspiration, motivation and fun to listen to.

The reason I want to grow and move forward as an artist is because, my art is music, music writing allows to express, who I am, how I see the world and to inspire, motivate, all who listen to my songs.


Scott Hendrie, stage name 'FULLMARX' is an artist with a natural talent for music having a spectacular lyrical quantity and a keen sense for crowd reaction. Hailing from EASTBOURNE, East Sussex he has been playing local and national gigs for a few years after garnering a strong core following. That fan-base is building very quickly (currently 38k on FB) after his release of his debut album 'Welcome To The Greys' which is hit 8th on the iTunes Hip-Hop Chart, supporting LUCY SPRAGGAN on her recent UK Tour and one of his videos (SexFace) going viral, over 14million views and rising.

Lucan Mills

A UK Rap Artist, originally from Winchester. Lucan is a fresh, young talent delivering real lyrics and well-constructed verses drawing inspiration from real life experiences.

This Hip-Hop maestro shot to the competitive music industry by winning the UK Channel U competition, defeating a bunch of talented and prospective acts in the UK. Lucan has performed with various artists such as Chipmunk, G-Unit, Ironik, Kano, N Dubz, Tinie Tempah and has freestyled on-stage with Ed Sheeran.

The Final Clause of Tacitus

Proudly from Reading, UK, The Final Clause of Tacitus have been mixing up their own brand of funk, rock and groove-heavy riffs for only a couple of years, but have already gained national acclaim. They have played with the likes of Hed PE, Electric 6 and Crazy Town and continue to get booked all around the UK, bringing their energetic performances that make 80's aerobic workout videos look like exercise day at the retirement home.

Brixton Alley

Brixton Alley are an exciting, fast paced three-piece who bring a lot of fun and energy to their live shows. Playing a blend of indie rock, pop-punk and rap, you'll be dancing along and singing their songs before you know it!

Ben Meyers

Ben Meyers is an acoustic musician, using his unique rhythmic fingerpicking style and songwriting skills to create very dynamic and immersive music. He is currently studying music in London where he is working to better his art, and bring more professional music to his audience.


If you're a true boombap Hip-Hop fanatic then 17 year old, Brighton born rapper, Sade Bisram aka Phonetic is definitely one to look out for in the future.
Growing up listening to the likes of Nas, Wu-Tang, Lowkey and Akala, there's no wonder that her style is as raw, energetic and underground as it comes; paying homage to the true old school sound of Hip-Hop, blended with it's own UK twist.


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