Brunt Poetry

Live rock band fronted by Brighton Poet-Rapper Marcus Mandible/Brunt Poet.


"Fish Food"
Coming soon

Lucan Mills

A UK Rap Artist, originally from Winchester. Lucan is a fresh, young talent delivering real lyrics and well-constructed verses drawing inspiration from real life experiences.


This Hip-Hop maestro shot to the competitive music industry by winning the UK Channel U competition, defeating a bunch of talented and prospective acts in the UK. After reaching the final of Open Mic UK and mastering his live performance Lucan has worked relentlessly to reach bigger audiences and build his fan base. 


The Klik

Brand new 6 piece rock/hiphop/reggae fusion band from Essex.
New single 'Find My Way' Out Now!!

Managed by Gary Woods of G and T music management

Tommy & The Trouble

They’re a band you think you’ve heard before but 8 Months ago Tommy & The Trouble didn’t exist. In the short time they have been together Tommy, Al and Manpanics aka Tommy & The Trouble have built up a loyal following with their surprisingly eclectic mix of Hip Hop, Funk & Ska. Tommy the front man is an undeniable talent with intelligent lyrics and a lot to say. Funky, chunky, riff heavy guitars come courtesy of guitarist Al Langford. Producer Manpanics provides his unique sound with stabby organs, soulful trumpets and beats.

Ralph Taylor

A young singer/songwriter who started his music career in the countryside of Suffolk. After playing the circuit in Suffolk, Ralph has chosen to take on the challenge of the London music scene, whilst also studying at BIMM. Ralph performs live with a loop pedal, looping both vocals and guitar, creating a bigger sound for him to play with. He performs mainly originals and aims to get the crowd having a good time. His debut EP 'Immature Love' was released this summer.

“Music that draws the line between Ed Sheeran & Jamie T” – Proud Camden

The Visceral

The Visceral play loud, provocative, bluesy-grunge rock songs overlaid with socially conscious rap lyrics. Charlie, our vocalist pens poetic hooks with a political undertone. Joe, our guitarist drives the band the feedback driven, catchy blues-based-riffs. Backed up by Dan, our funk inspired double bass player and Ed’s pummelling beats tying everyone together. 


Tyger started out in bands as a teenager before eventually picking up an acoustic guitar and writing his first solo song at around 19 years old. Since then he has played all over London, currently under an artist development plan with The Famous Company and currently booking as many gigs as possible to promote the single. Last year (2014) Tyger joined Suffolk based band Twisted Piglet to play bass guitar but realised there were too many opportunities that he was missing out on with with his solo career so he decided to start fresh.

Breakfast Monkey

Deep in the jungles of Liverpool lies Breakfast Monkey, a 4 piece alternative/rap rock machine powered by guitars, drums and bananas. Their eclectic mix of rock, funk and rap, fuled by roaring riffs, rapid lyrics and turbulent beats causes pandemonium on stage and has given Breakfast Monkey the reputation for being one of the best live acts on the independant Liverpool circuit.
Breakfast Monkey consists of:
Maxime McGowan (a.k.a. Le Monkey)
George Coleman (a.k.a. Beat Monkey)
Wana Shibemba (a.k.a. Bass Monkey)
Kobi Pham (a.k.a. Krazy Monkey)

Flying Tailor

Pompeii & Bombay-born - London based band Flying Tailor began their journey as a duo with two guitars and two voices drifting between streams of memories, melancholia and patterns coming from electronic music recreated acoustically. This sound has evolved into an Urban Folk (or City folk) predominantly acoustic that wants to express the eclectic sounds of London City, now in a 5 members formation. Flying Tailor is a band that gives its best on stage, giving you an extremely vibrant live performance and constantly churning new material.


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