The Visceral

The Visceral play loud, provocative, bluesy-grunge rock songs overlaid with socially conscious rap lyrics. Charlie, our vocalist pens poetic hooks with a political undertone. Joe, our guitarist drives the band the feedback driven, catchy blues-based-riffs. Backed up by Dan, our funk inspired double bass player and Ed’s pummelling beats tying everyone together. 


Tyger started out in bands as a teenager before eventually picking up an acoustic guitar and writing his first solo song at around 19 years old. Since then he has played all over London, currently under an artist development plan with The Famous Company and currently booking as many gigs as possible to promote the single. Last year (2014) Tyger joined Suffolk based band Twisted Piglet to play bass guitar but realised there were too many opportunities that he was missing out on with with his solo career so he decided to start fresh.

Breakfast Monkey

Deep in the jungles of Liverpool lies Breakfast Monkey, a 4 piece alternative/rap rock machine powered by guitars, drums and bananas. Their eclectic mix of rock, funk and rap, fuled by roaring riffs, rapid lyrics and turbulent beats causes pandemonium on stage and has given Breakfast Monkey the reputation for being one of the best live acts on the independant Liverpool circuit.
Breakfast Monkey consists of:
Maxime McGowan (a.k.a. Le Monkey)
George Coleman (a.k.a. Beat Monkey)
Wana Shibemba (a.k.a. Bass Monkey)
Kobi Pham (a.k.a. Krazy Monkey)

Flying Tailor

Pompeii & Bombay-born - London based band Flying Tailor began their journey as a duo with two guitars and two voices drifting between streams of memories, melancholia and patterns coming from electronic music recreated acoustically. This sound has evolved into an Urban Folk (or City folk) predominantly acoustic that wants to express the eclectic sounds of London City, now in a 5 members formation. Flying Tailor is a band that gives its best on stage, giving you an extremely vibrant live performance and constantly churning new material.


The UK's hottest new urban act!


Urban duo VOIS have caused waves in the music industry over the past year. Describing their sound as "a unique experimental fusion of genres", VOIS, featuring vocalist Ishia and rapper Trojan, aim to bring a distinct individuality to the urban music scene.


Boasting many national headline performances alongside acts including Monsta as part of an MTV university tour, VOIS have been tipped by the music industry as "the sound of 2014" and  "an urban act to watch". 

Under The Influence

Under The Influence is a 5-piece alternative, rock band from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, in England, with their mix blend of rock and rap, and influences of the new wave of dubstep and drum and bass, is creating an impact on the music scene, with their catchy chorus lines and mind blowing stage presence.

Caned & Able

Say the name Caned & Able to anyone who loves music and they’ll probably say something like… “I know them!” Having spent the last few years experimenting in everything from indie rock and trip-hop to remixes and mash-ups, Caned & Able have mixed Primal Scream, remixed The Verve, been remixed by The Orb, DJ’d for Lily Allen, dabbled in the UK festival scene over the last three years, been given their own Friday night Superchunk slots on Xfm, featured on multiple films and adverts worldwide, self-released four brave and uniquely eclectic studio albums, the band have even been endorsed


Cielo are a five piece urban pop/funk band. Originating from Norwich and are consistently selling out venues across their local region. Their sounds have influences from Jazz, Hip-Hop, Blues, Latin, Swing and Rock n Roll.


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