Echo November

“With the sheer amount of support that Echo November have received so far, I have no doubt that they’ll go on to be one of the next indie frontrunners” - Kycker

“Could we be in the presence of the next big thing?” - RGM

Numbers Station

Jack and Mikey met at university when Mikey sustained a head injury and decided to answer Jack's advert for a drummer while heavily concussed. After a few very loud jam sessions and pub trips, Adelaide was born and a beautiful partnership was formed.

Genuine Panama

Birmingham and Bristol based Genuine Panama make a wriggly, indie-soul type of business. Brass sections and bass solos meet pop-ready lyrical melodies, hitting some uncharted sweet spot between Bombay Bicycle Club and Lettuce.

Duncan Spencer

Raised by a music-obsessed father who transformed the family’s spare room with a 3,000-strong record collection, it is hardly a surprise that Duncan Spencer’s music is a melting pot of genres and influences. He sings of heartbreak and hope, of hardship and history and wraps it in the best of blues, soul, folk and rock.

The Hats

Great Coke Taste. Zero Sugar.

The Horn St Albans, Battle of the Bands finalists, The Hats, will fill your ear space with sweet sweet sounds.


The Q first formed in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK in 2006 as a 4 piece guitar combo and were signed to Time For Action Records in 2008 to recorded their debut EP, Issues, which was produced by the legendary producer of The Jam, Vic Coppersmith-Heaven. Having recorded a further full length album and performed three tours of Germany with Time For Action, the band decided to strike out on their own in 2013 and launched their own label Blazer Records, ( )


play(dead) is a band-of-one electronica / alternative rock band - guitar and vocals with programmed drums and samples. Like early Placebo met late Deftones and started a band with 65daysofstatic. Ex-Freeze The Atlantic (Hundred Reasons/Reuben).


Hard rock band fromLondon. The group was founded by Tony Vega (vocals), Danny Ruiz (guitar), Ozzy Preciado (drums) and Luis Lopez (bass).

In 2011 band released their first EP “Tolerance” followed by the successful album “Sputter The Worms" in 2012, which elevated the band to higher respective level with great reviews from magazine giants like Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Powerplay, Total Rock etc. Sputter The Worms has sold over 8000 copies and continues to build solid moment for the bands future.


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