TOVA are an off-kilter four-piece rock band from the UK. Blending the in-your-face swagger of Foals and Queens Of The Stone Age with the sensitivity of Radiohead, TOVA’s niche blend of influence is set to immerse their audience in a frenzy of intensity and emotion.

TOVA evolved from the subconscious nag of a thought many years ago into its present self in 2018. Friends and hopes that had drifted out to sea and sunk in the wreckage of life were hauled from the depths, examined on deck and thrown together to form something no one quite understands.

Delica Black

Delica Black combine the high energy of hardcore and the heavy tech riffs of metal together with brutal screams and melodic vocals, the result is a powerful yet melodic post hardcore sound. Based in London this multinational quartet or Chris Watt (vocal), Alix Goode (Guitar) Andy Patrick (Drums) and Tim Corden (bass) have rocked some of London’s top rock venues while building a strong fanbase thanks to their frenetic crowd pleasing performances. You can find their EP’s on iTunes and other online retailers now.

Hopeless Heroic

Occupying a space of mind far from the stereotypical world of Rock and Roll and egotistical landscape of celebrity culture, Hopeless Heroic are simply 5 inspirational guys who have built something from the ground up and are out to prove to their loyal fans that anything is possible, the pursuit of a dream is worth dying for.

Danny Burton

In the 1990's iconic rock band 'The Face' boasted a line up of Danny Burton on guitar and vocals, Zak Starkey on drums, Gary Nuttall on guitar and Ronnie Thomas on bass. They were a new London sensation playing sell out shows all over town and strongly tipped by DJ Steve Lamacq and the tabloid press hailing them the next big thing to come out of Camden. However, at this time, Danny was offered the lead role in by Pete Townsend in 'Tommy - The Musical' which he subsequently turned down due to being the victim of an untimely knife attack which left his face temporarily scarred.


Dollhouse are a 5-piece band from London. Their influences vary by their membership, but this mix means that their live performances will swing from classic-Beatles to more contemporary artists such as Warpaint and The Strokes. They have one original song out now, called 'Fifty Years' and plan to release more this summer. More information about the band can be found on their Facebook and Instagram pages.


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Started in early January 2019. 3 Individuals with a vision to create something authentic & free.

Parma Comets

Parma Comets is a three-piece indie rock band based in London, UK. All band members have played in various bands over the years including pop, folk and rock acts. Now, taking inspiration from an uninterrupted line of rock'n'roll bands stretching back from the sixties onwards, Parma Comets are playing honest, heartfelt, vintage-influenced high-energy rock'n'roll, but always with catchy melodies underneath.


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