KINTILLO are a four-piece rock band from Uckfield, East Sussex, comprised of brothers Dan and Cam and their former school mates Ollie and Aaron.

Driving guitars, upbeat rhythms, vocal harmonies, melody, energy and honest lyrics are the common threads running through the band’s diverse set of powerful songs.

KINTILLO released their debut demo EP in 2012 with three tracks recorded by legendary producer Glenn Skinner. Following the release, the band featured on the ‘BBC Introducing: The South’ radio show, as well as receiving regular airplay on local radio stations.

Corners Of The Earth

Corners of the Earth,soul,funky,ska,latin band based in London,when Manu Chao meets Micheal Bublè and Gogo Bordello with a funky vibe!But words are never appropriate to describe music,so come to our gig and check us out!!!

The Brandy Thieves

Already renowned as one of the Midland’s best live acts, The Brandy Thieves have quickly built a reputation as a band that blows the roof over every venue they play, a band that’s impossible not to dance to.  By combining gypsy rhythms and punk energy, ska grooves and folk storytelling, the band has created a sound that is uniquely their own, a sound that has stolen the hearts of all of whom that have seen them perform. ‘Raucous’ ‘Infectious’ ‘Enthralling’ ‘Captivating’ and ‘Sweaty’ are just a few of the words that have been used to describe the alcohol stealing gypsy punks.

The Caterpillar Circus

We are The Caterpillar Circus... currently a four piece band, influenced by funk, ska, gypsy jazz and anything in-between. formed from a tight group of friends with a strong passion for great music. And now its time for us to leave the cocoon and head towards the bright lights, so join us.. to The Caterpillar Circus you will go...


Expect surf-rock, summer vibes, dance beats and a pinch of ska from this five-piece band of brothers from all ends of London. Keep an eye on this page for music, gigs and news. Fuck The Montagues.

Idol Bones

Sometime in May 2011 Idol Bones were drawn from the 4 corners of Hemel Hempstead to a loft situated somewhere in the vast industrial estate. Here they formed what was to become known as "The Beat Lab". 

Their first ever recorded sessions took place at Big Blue overseen by producer/engineer Steve Ancliffe. You can listen here -


7 piece Latin/Funk/Hip-Hop band of awesomeness…



Formed at the beginning of 2011, Citadel have been underground for most of that time playing special gigs and writing an exponential amount of songs.


Now, the year 2012, they've decided to hit the masses….taking their music out on the road to spread the feel good vibe!


Will you follow the fortress?





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