Long ago when the Earth was new, the land was dark and the sky was grey. The youth sat restless and unfulfilled, the old resigned to wait for death, whilst the sound of plain and joyless tones drifted across the evening gloom. It was a time for heroes. It was a time for Soma Rising. Born from the ashes of Athos, 5 men came together from across Essex to change the face of music; to bring hope to the youth of today with a mix of rap, reggae, rock and general weirdness. Lost in the musical desert, looking for the new sound? Come to the oasis of Soma Rising, and you shall be well cared for.

Imperial Leisure

Managing to be both intense and dance-able and insanely catchy, it carries the Imperial Leisure guarantee of crowd and band alike having the time of their lives.
"Managed to catch Imperial Leisure in Bristol the other week. Got to love a bit of Ska!!! The band was full of energy, very tight and with a great front man. all in all a 10 out of 10. They must have spent a fortune on champaign and beach balls both of which were thrown out into the audience. Am now a proud owner of 'Death to the one trick pony' their latest Album." (PRrecords)

The Episodes

The Episodes have been around in parts for around 10 years, but only now with a new singer and bass player have they really come together to make music and to generally entertain and have fun. The Episodes all from London combine a 60s influence from guitarist Howard and Drummer Rich and combine it with the rock/indie feel brought to the band by Greg the singer, Andres the bassist and Paul the second guitarist.

The Episodes music is a combination of Indie rock with a 60s kind of vibe, with a bit of ska music thrown in for a bit of fun.

The Bad Touch

Tommy, Finn and Tiny used to be in the metal band 'Feral' until late 2010. The band played many shows and also had a demo. Ben and Tommy met at school in a music class where Ben showed Tommy (a drummer at the time) how it was really done! The rest is history! The band started after a gig that 3 of the guys helped Tommy do. From that point on they have been writing songs and defining their new breed of ska.

Rags Rudi

East London’s Rags Rudi is a six piece ensemble playing a head-nodding, feet-sparking cocktail of ska, hip-hop, dub and punk.

Rags Rudi have played across the UK at festivals, events, club nights, squat parties, and on the street.

The East Collective

The East Collective is an ensemble of gritty beats, funky bass, melodic keys and soulful vocals blended together to form a unique sound.  After years of relentless struggle for fame and fortune lead guitarist and singer Fionn Craven realised he needed a little help from his friends. At the same time Harry 'Dubstepper' Hughes was finding his way through the open mic scene boxing beats like it was going out of fashion.

Free Lurch

Free Lurch are about to hit the music scene in a big way. Proving that not everything has to be whiny-ass emo or watered down radio friendly hip-hop. it's about having fun and thats what we intend to do and invite you to join us! FREE LURCH Free Lurch are about to hit the music scene in a big way. Proving that not everything has to be whiny-ass emo or watered down radio friendly hip-hop!

Brand New Second Hand

All born and bred Londoners who've been close friends and musicians for nearly 15 years, bringing their individual talents forward to create Brand New Second Hand over 2 years ago. Influenced by music from the past, whilst bringing a modern and unique take in the present, the band gives an eclectic blend of live hiphop, jazz, ska, rock, reggae and punk genres dubbed 'rap an roll'. Subject matter is indicative of the well-lived and sometimes less than wholesome backgrounds shared, and the tunes are written in an ad hoc environment by all members of the group.


Truebeat We are TrueBeat; a ska band from London who effortlessly mix bluebeat, 2-tone and modern ska to create a truly unique sound."well worth keeping an eye out for" Do the Dog Skazine

They Say Jump

They Say Jump is a unique brand of Soulful Reggae and Latin music. The band is fronted by the exceptional voice of Kwabena Adjepong. born of Ghanaian parents and trained in London. All 5 musicians come from very different musical backgrounds with common roots in jazz. The sound created can only be described as They Say Jump! 'I can't believe that was your first gig, you sound like you've been playing together for years!'


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