Overdramatics The Overdramatics are a bunch of enthusiastic boys playing stuff to make you dance the fuck around to. It is about an attitude, and an attitude towards music. It ain't pretentious and it ain't ridiculous. But it is pretty dramatic, at times, even over-dramatic. Sex and drugs and rock and roll really are what we're all about. And we're also about having a fucking good time. We'll be arriving soon at a town near you. So be watching out! Tags: pop indie ska


MootZoot The band MootZoot is a collection of people who found each other through a shared love of music. With their eclectic tastes and history of musical genres, the group seem to provide the recipe for creating a blend of music that is exciting, catchy, and vibrant, and which bypasses the notion of genre. MootZoot has evolved slowly over several years; under numerous guises and due to a myriad of personalities, environments and experiences, the band finally consolidated their style in late 2008.

Maddy Carty

Maddy Carty is a singer/songwriter from London. After graduating from Leeds College of Music, she is now playing in a number of venues in London and in the North. Since completing her E.P 'More Than Just Lyrics.' She has moved back to South London and is recording and gigging with her new band. 

Lazy Talk

LazyTalk are coming from Town London...formed through a love of proper tunes and frustration at plastic popstars with no brains and no balls!

LazyTalk are hear to tell it how it is, love, life, the fucked up world we are living in..

to a beat you can dance a merry jig too

Jiggle Jiggle  

Karl Phillips & The Midnight Ramblers

What people have said: ' You're a cock! leave the weed alone, work on getting a fan base and you'll get there, until then you'll struggle in the real world' - ..Chris Grayston, Live & Unsigned....

.. 'If Bob Dylan & Lethal Bizzle had a illegitimate love child, i would be that poor orphan' - ..Karl Phillips, sucessful musician & entrepreneur....

.. 'So sad!' - ..The Glebe venue, Stoke....

.. 'You fucking country boy wanker!' - ..Plan B

Five Working Days

Five Working Days A super-catchy quintet of brass-tinted indie with punchy rhythms and a triple vocal attack. Already given a thumbs-up by XFM, winning their unsigned band of the month campaign and playing the XFM stage at the Metro Ski Show. .. .. 'Five Working Days' have also graced the airwaves of Absolute Radio with a live performance, played the 'Camden Crawl' and headlined some of the nations finest live music venues. www.myspace.com/fiveworkingdays Tags: pop indie ska


FGC We are a reggae/ska/punk band called FGC from Kingston London not jamaica . We formed at school in 2003 or 2004, but we stopped playing for a while because of lots of changes... We started off with Renzo on drums, then Renzo on guitar, then Fabien on drums then back to Renzo on drums and now Jon on drums. We are always up for playing gigs any time just contact us via the space of my. Tags: ska punk

Danny Fontaine And The Horns Of Fury

Danny Fontaine And The Horns Of Fury Seven deadly men are giving a new meaning to Orchestral Death Skapunk. Meet Danny Fontaine And The Horns Of Fury, a 7-piece genre-defying troupe fromSouthLondon. Formed in 2006, DFATHOF regularly play shows to packed venues around the UK, enthralling all with theatrical antics and songs of destruction. Alternative Ska punk gyspy orchestral death rock at it's finest. The band has performed in hundreds of prominent venues throughout Europe, and strives to uphold it's reputation of 'The Best Live Act Ever'.

Betray The Cartel

Betray The Cartel Formed in July 09 Betray the Cartel started out as deep black lies with a totally different set up but having tested several different members and instruments they found their band. the songs are written by all the band but each song is heavily influenced by a single member of the band which gives them a very diverse range of style in their songs!!! Tags: rock indie ska punk


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