Jess Fitz

Known for her big hair and bigger voice, Jess Fitz is a singer songwriter currently based in South East London. She takes influence from many different artists and genres (Amy Winehouse, Beyoncé, Dua Lipa & Rudimental to name just a few) and this is reflected in her sound. Her songs feature jazzy melodies over the top of funk-fuelled bass and brass, and are tied together with soulful pop choruses. A born storyteller and English Literature graduate, her lyrics are smart, sassy and always tell a story.


ANDRÆ is a Belgian indie singer, musician, songwriter and producer based in London. "The use of syncopated rhythms, ambient vocals, unconventional harmonies with a dub sound are similarities found in both of Tajchman's singles, a sound comparable to the likes of James Blake, Chet Faker and SBTRKT. His sound is however very unique, innovative and distinguishable" - We Plug Good Music Isolated and misunderstood by his peers as a kid, Andre creates his own world through arts and music and learns piano by himself. At the age of 12 he can play classical pieces by ear.

The Black Spines

The Black Spines is a Soul-Rock London based band fronted by singer-songwriter Mónica Davis. Founded in 2018 by Davis and composer and guitarist Álvaro Berbel, the band started on the streets of London where they tried their new tunes busking originals.
This international band formed by American, Spanish and British components is all about reimagining Rock and Soul by bringing back a refreshed approach to the current musical scene. The deep lyrics songwriting of Davis combined with Berbel’s stimulating compositions interlock in a way that will keep you wanting more.

Chis Beybé

Chis Beybé. A music producer, songwriter and vocalist who deals in multilayered instrumentation and dynamic vocal arrangements with soaring chords. His sound ranges from retro trapsoul to ambient grooves. His themes include introspection, relationships and societal observation, all linked through compelling storytelling.


Born and bred in the deep south of New Zealand, Blake draws her lyrical content from raw emotion and real-life situations. Blake’s songs remain true to the integrity of her character, and claim ownership of her often ‘straightforward’ and blunt nature.

Since moving to London, Blake has refined her songwriting skills through top line writing for the UK's most reputable dance music producers, with many of her collaborations gaining support from BBC Radio 1 and BBC 1 Xtra while amassing over 3 million streams on Spotify.

Locals Only Sound

Locals Only Sound is an Electronic-Soul duo based in Toronto. The group, comprised of Curtis Smith and Gray Hawken, dabble in every step of the music-making process: from writing to recording, producing to performing, LOS see their projects through from beginning to end.

“The core of our vibe and style is from the alt-electronic, R&B world; because that’s the feel we’re living now. But it’s also taking in influences from rock and the singer/songwriter genres too,” said Smith.


LAGIOIA is a Soul/R&B artist from Zurich. Her voice is unmistakable, a powerful R&B alto that cuts like a hot knife. She plays piano and guitar and writes songs with electro influences and wisdom that reveal an old head on young shoulders. With her to the point lyricism and recurrent melodies, she wants to bring her listeners to her own zone of music.


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South London based Neo-Soul, Jazz influenced band with large repertoire of original music that people of any age and background will enjoy. Interactive and professional music that captures the essence of the rising London music scene.



BLUE JEANS is an up and coming LGBT artist on the London scene. Her eclectic and melodic repertoire draws influence from R&B, pop, rock and soul. This combined with her sultry vocals, balance of authentic riffs and dreamy electronic sounds lends itself to a unique and progressive style.


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