Von Marlon

Von Marlon, real name Axel Bagenal, is a 25 year old producer born in Whitechapel of Persian/Irish heritage. Forming his alias in June 2017 after a life change that birthed his new solo project; a separate personal and musical split in quick succession.

Based around London, within just 6 months Von Marlon has run live & DJ nights at venues such as The Montague Arms, Peckham Pelican, The Prince Of Peckham and The Nines as well as playing more well established London venues such as Club 229 and The Water Rats.

Artistes Known As Us

Artistes Known as Us, a name born out of the love for an artist known as Prince & The Revolution. Sadly Prince is no longer with us, but Founder of Artistes Known as Us (Damian) felt it an appropriate homage to a man whose philosophy on music and music collaboration had a major impact on him. With a vast experience of playing other peoples music in discotheques across the UK and Europe and organising events where other Dj's/Producers/Acts were booked.

Liam Kybert (DJ KIPPER)

My name is Liam Kybert otherwise known as 'DJ KIPPER' I am 18 years old from Banbury. I tought myself to DJ at young age and my love and passion for DJ'ing started at an early age. My dream is to DJ to a Huge crowd that love music and have a passion for it as much as I do.


Before form a fugue [fyoog] is metaphorical; it's purpose is to reveal connections in seemingly unlike things. It's method is to develop an idea in never precisly the same way.
Expect delicate vocals and piano with heavy baselines and driving beats.



Project is a 2 piece London based live electronic drum and bass band. Doing mashup mixes and original Music to widen and explore new boundaries of your horizon.

Tom Jelley

Tom Jelley who has come from Liverpool, playing for the well-known Peach Events hosted at various warehouses around the Baltic triangle. Supporting the likes of Alex Costa, Reset Robot, Guy J, Kev & Phil Odger and more.


'Oak' is the solo project of Nick Stott. Taking influence from the likes of Foals, The XX, Paul Kalkbrenner, Bonobo, Underworld and Darkside, Nick plays Indie/Electronic music through a mix of live performance and live production using guitar, synths, vocals and ableton live.
'Nick's voice works really well in this sonic scape - I can't praise it highly enough'


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