HICARI, Meaning ‘Light’ in Japanese, are a multicultural 5-piece pop band based in Liverpool.

HICARI use their influences to create new uplifting tracks, synth-hooks and driving melodies to compel you to dance or speak to your heart.

Their sound is home to the influence of synth-pop artists such as CHRVCHES; The 1975; and St. Lucia, with everything 80s as the foundation. 光

Rebecca Meyer

The independent eclectic duo met in Paris (2014) and moved to East London the same year to spread the sound around London (12 Bar club, Sebright Arms, The Bedfort, Kamio, Apples & Pears, Fiddler's Elbow, The Water Rats, Mau Mau Bar..)
Latest release : Notre Faust II - Home recorded between London and Paris including the tracks composed and performed by Rebecca Meyer for the Theatre play Notre Faust by Robert Cantarella.

Grey Areas

Growing up in California, Grey Areas has travelled the world to find the sound that she has today. Grey Areas has made her home in Liverpool, England where she has begun to make a name for herself as a new Alternative R&B artist. Combining the electronic sounds of NAO and Flume and the emotional conviction of Banks and James Blake, Megan has evolved into an artist who is fearless in her vocal delivery and stylistic crossover.


White Wolves is a newly formed four piece indie pop band hailing from South London. They've been performing in various prestigious venues around London including Proud Camden and 93 Feet East

Holy Moments

Our first review said it better than we ever could;
"...little more than two and half minutes of gruff shouting of the sort that’s not entirely unpleasant but makes little concession to anything resembling actual singing or an actual tune, instead being a prolonged bellow that sounds like a forty-a-day and ten-pints of-Stella football hooligan attempting a spot of Dinosaur Jr karaoke. It possesses absolutely zero artistic value, but if you can’t appreciate why it’s still better than a lot of far more accomplished adventures into sound, you are dead to us."


TakiLas! are a heavy blues rock trio based in North London. The band is a brainchild of Bruno Saski who also takes the whole blame for the extravagant musical ideas implanted in the band’s set list. The band started rehearsing in their current line up in September 2016. After intensive practising and feeling confident we are now looking for some cool locations to present our show live. Apart from regular gigs around London we just made our appearance at Easter Monday Festival at Fiddlers Elbow.

Who's Molly?

4 Piece Alt indie band from South Wales.
139K Monthly Spotfy listeners. 2 EP's in and over 450,000 streams.

EP3 Coming September 2017.
Songs on Sky Sports / Sky One, and CBS shows across the USA.
2027 Festivals - Radio 2's carfest North & Sth, Alex James Big Festival.
Twitter & Facebook @whosmolly


Creating atmospheric and sleek electronica, singer songwriter Ever cannot fail to make a mark with her ambient, haunting sound. Her vocals are simultaneously melancholic, delicate yet crisp and she draws influence from a wide range of female artists including Kimbra, Grimes, Björk and Kate Bush.

Chloe Jones

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Chloe Jones is a singer-songwriter from the small town of Dukinfield in Cheshire - just 7 miles out of Manchester city centre. With her rich tones and unique vocal quality, Chloe has a voice beyond her years and has been likened to artists such as Joan Baez, Tracy Chapman and Karen Carpenter. Chloe’s style falls into the genres of folk and country, with storytelling and her lust for life and travel being at the heart of her music.


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