Recently announced as one of BBC Introducing West Yorkshire’s ‘Ones to Watch 2019’, Fudge. are the catalyst between you and a good time. Best described as “Quirky Hard Rock...not in anyway tame” (BBC Introducing Lincolnshire), be ready to wrap your ears around funky verses and a riot of stomping riffs that will have you moshing in your kitchen. Running things from Leeds, Fudge. aim to push the name and what they’ve got to say around the country.

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My name is Borja and I'm a DJ and Producer from Madrid, Spain. What distinguish my sessions from the others is that they are very energetic, with a vast variety of sounds and styles that makes everybody dance. I am always searching for something different mixing genres to create something new and that transmits all the energy that I have, being bass music what leads my shows.

Nina McCulloch

I am a singer/songwriter, music has always been in my life as I was brought up around the music scene.
My father was Danny McCulloch from The Animals as well as other bands in the 60's.
He taught me to appreciate all different genres of music which is what helps me to find my song.
I have always loved to write songs and sing and just for people to hear my songs and enjoy them.


Hailing from the streets of Manchester, Following the soulful and innovative lineage of the city. J Chambers breathes a fresh new perspective into the already bubbling Manchester Hiphop scene. The conscious MC talks about societal issues and makes music for the modern day person who is stuck in the daily grind of life trying to find a moment of peace amongst the madness.


SPEETK is an Electro/TripHop band from south London.
A combination of dark soulful and jazzy female vocals, some bold hypnotic bass undertones tied together with sweeping synth sounds and sharp beats. Their aesthetic evidently contains aspects of Electronica, Jazz, Dream-Pop and Synth-Rock making their style edgy and intoxicating.

Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is an Indie-Pop Singer/Songwriter from Bournemouth, South-Coast UK. His songs are emotional and engaging, telling stories from love to loss, against catchy,sing-alongable music. Supported by his talented live band, his songs are brought to life, with relatable lyrics and a mix original songs, making you reflect, dance, sing-along and have a great time. With his highly anticipated debut single "Boyfriend" being released on 22nd February, there are exciting times ahead for this artist.

"He's so good!" - Chris Evans (Former BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, now Virgin Radio)

James Mackenzie

Hailing from Inverness in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, James moved to Nürnberg in 2017 after embarking on a successful solo tour of Germany the same year. Now performing regularly up and down the country he has played more than 100 shows with lots more to come.
James played his first show in Inverness, Scotland in 2011 and began working on his craft to engage with the audience so he could tell stories of his heartaches and failures with some witty comments in between.


The band was founded in 2014 in southern Poland by three friends Dominik, Kajtek and Mateusz. The line-up is currently completed with Jacek.
Many years ago, the guys began to explore British independent music, in which they fell infinitely in love.


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