The Grand Parade

The Grand Parade are a 4 piece indie/rock band originating from Swansea. They have a dedicated following in South Wales and London and are currently gigging throughout the UK with their fan base growing every day. The group have been XFM's band of the week, have had radio play in numerous countries across the globe and were also featured on the compilation "Tour De Force: One" which saw worldwide release.

"They seemed to make the room stop and listen"... "something many bands fail to do." - Claire Richards, React, Live Review

Miss Vickery

Miss Vickery "I CAN'T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME A BAND GAVE ME A BONER..." was the last thing I heard as we left the stage; praise indeed, as the person uttering those fabled words was neither deaf, nor mentally deficient... although they were female, which makes the whole 'boner' claim slightly dubious.. It is for moments like this that the band Miss Vickery live and breathe... the very reason these 4 guys and a girl get together every week in the slums of Isleworth to perfect their slick live act.


Brutal. Intense. Devastating. These are just some of the words describing Surrey-based Metal group BLOODLOSS. With a stage show to more than rival their hard-hitting American counterparts, this 5 piece are tearing up the British metal scene with a ferocity that would put some of their own heroes/influences to shame. Instigating their now infamous 'wall of death' at every show, they are taking the idea of the mosh-pit to frightening new extremes, couple this with a crushing sound that is currently destroying everything in it's path, Bloodloss are already becoming an unstoppable force.

Baxter Rhodes

Singer-songwriter from the hills of east Lancashire, UK. A melody-laden blend of contemporary folk and country, with a flavour of rock, blues and soul. Record Shop Folk with a retro feel.

"a weather-worn vocal style which compliments his lyrics perfectly ... expect excellent songs, excellently played" Band on the Wall​​

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